Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Crazy Fun Tote

I've done some tidying and purging lately and came across this crazy fun tote that I made so many years ago and it was a kick to make.  I don't think I have the pattern any longer and I don't remember the name of it either.  But if you're of a certain age, you may know or remember the pattern.  I thought it would be fun to share it with you.  It was always great fun using it.

The tote itself I made from Ultrasuede so it's quite durable and barely shows the use it's had.  There are all kinds of useful pockets inside as well.

The crazy legs on these dolls were really fun to make.

At the time I had a specialty sewing machine that stitched ribbons in a bunched up form.  I can't remember the name of it either.  I have enough trouble remembering the important stuff of today let alone what was 30 years ago.  Anyway, it was that machine that helped me create the doll's loopy hair. 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing this fun tote.  I don't think I've seen another tote pattern quite like this one since.  I think it would be hard to top.  I do wish I could remember the pattern name and creator so that I could give credit where credit is due.

Update: The pattern. 


Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

That is an unusual tote bag Annie. I had never seen that one before. So fun and clever with the dolls. I am sure you had a lot of compliments and comments from people when you used that bag. I have been purging too. I can't believe all the stuff I have made! I'm taking it to my UFO group to see if anyone can use or wants any of it and then off the the thrift store with the remainder, which happens to be 2 doors down from where we meet. Happy purging and fun memories.

sheila 77 said...

Gosh, that is amazing, I've never seen a bag like it. These bag dollies have a life of their own. They look like a couple of miniature pick-pockets who have jumped on to your bag and are now about to run away with their takings. Thanks for showing a part of Annie-creative-history.

Inky and Quirky said...

Wowee that's a fine bag there Annie.....it actually should be in an art gallery it's that funky! Wonder how many admiring glances you got when you used that around town?! The legs are something else, thanks for making me smile today my lovely friend ;)
Big hugs
Donna xxx

edyB said...

Looks like an Eleanor Peace Bailey pattern. Fun!

Createology said...

Now this is a really fun tote bag and I love the character dolls attached to it. My Grandma made a lot of fun and funky things but even she did not make this one! So happy you shared this wth us. Creative Bliss Dear...

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

What fun Annie, love the legs on those dolls! I've never seen anything like this (and yes, I'm definitely old enough to remember when!),very unique. Deb xo

Ruth said...

What a fun bag. I do remember a bag pattern of sometime back but don't remember who designed the pattern. I love the legs too. I used to make cloth dolls and I liked to give them fancy legs.

journalady® said...

Oh, Annie . . .
This is the first e-mail I opened upon awakening!
What a JOY.
I wasn't sure whether the dolls were part of the bag until I read your comments above!
Thank you so much for sharing. It reminds me of an art project I purchased which involved a few artist friends
who collaborated in the creation . . . a sewn pocketbook, forged iron handle
and journal, into which I added a doll made by another artist.
I'll try to post it to flickr later! Big HUGS to YOU and your creative and generous being.

Sandy said...

This is such a hoot Annie! It reminds me of the Southwest where the Indians make story tellers that I love. I used to collect them. I guess I am not being politically correct but every time we have gone out west and I have talked to the Native Americans - most did not mind using the term Indian and most preferred it. Or it would have seemed to me.
Back to your wonderful tote. Just like small kids, they hang all over you. Darn you are talented.
Sandy xx

Patti said...

It's definitely an elinor peace bailey pattern but I'm not sure of the name. I still had it 6 months ago but not sure if I got rid of it in my last cleanout, I hope not! Her patterns are such fun!

Jacque said...

Annie, that is an amazing bag! That would brighten up any dull or depressing day, that's for sure. Such fun!

Pam Foster said...

Annie, I have had fun scrolling through your blog....I think this is one of the coolest totes I've ever seen. Makes me want to get my Viking and Feather Weight out and get sewing!