Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Tree Skirt

**No Math Required!**

I just knew all those years ago that math was NOT going to help me get through life.  (ok, just kidding)  But! really did not come in handy while I was designing this tree skirt.  Every calculation along with logic said NO, this will not work out.

Yet, here it is again! 

This one I made from the collection, Countdown to Christmas.  I think that's such a fun Christmas fabric collection.  The one in my tutorial went to my daughter, so this one is for me. 

Ho Ho Ho!


Karen said...

Love it! Fabulous fabrics...they are great. I just got a 10 degree ruler, nice to see another project I can try. :)

Madame Samm said...

And I think it is absolutely stunning....yep I said it

Createology said...

This is absolutely FANTASTIC! I love the traditional red and green fabrics. The detail in this skirt is beyond the simple technique you shared. Thank you so much. Jingle Bell Joys...