Sunday, January 31, 2016

Orange Collage Butterfly

There was a butterfly in my mind wanting to be stitched.  But what color did it want to be?  The Sunday Postcard Art challenge made a delightful decision for me.  Orange.  Yes.  Perfect.

I have made well over 100 fabric postcards.  Yes, most of them have been mailed out.  114 of those can be seen in my Fabric Postcard Flickr Album.

In the beginning the ideas for them came in masses.  Now I struggle for new ideas for stitched postcards.  The recipient of this one has waited quite a long time.  My waiting list is now complete.  Now I'm just waiting on new and more ideas for stitching more postcards.  

Happy Mail Day!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Alpha Dictionary Challenge Q

My favorite Challenge is back!
The Alpha Altered Dictionary Challenge

My most favorite ever challenge and I almost missed it.  I did miss getting the first challenge letter into the list of players, but that's no-never-mind for me.  I shall play from here and I'm already caught up.  This is the only year-long Challenge that I ever finished.

The letter this fortnight is Q
My chosen word is questionnaire.

Last time I chose queen and now this page spread is done.  Only like 500 more to go.  LoL

To start the challenge off last fortnight was the letter B.
I chose the word bookish.

I'm up-to-date and current now and so excited to be playing this fun altered dictionary challenge again.

My pages aren't much for artsy, but I am getting the look I want for this altered dictionary.  I think it's a form of art, just not the way others think of this challenge. 


Monday, January 25, 2016

Man In The Moon Postcard

It's been awhile since I've participated in the Sunday Postcard Art challenge.  When this week's theme came up for art with the Man In The Moon, I had to make a postcard and participate.  I recently came across this altered envelope on Pinterest, which is what was inspiring me.  I worked with thoughts of space and mail.  I actually found a couple of postage stamps to work into the design as well as using scrapbook paper, some Washi tape and rubber stamps.

You know the correspondence side is ready to go also.

Good Mail Day!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Number Tags

The tag challenge blog up and ended before the numbers were complete.  I went ahead and completed the number series on my own.

First up is #6.  Just a chosen date that reflected the beginning of school and picture day. Vintage style with coffee stain and all.

The back of #6

And the final number, #7.  Our house number in Wisconsin.

The back of #7

Looking back I notice #0 never made it's way into the series.  Oh well.  It will NOT bother me.  At least not enough to go back to this number the moment.

I gathered all the tags together.  While I wasn't happen with some of them, I was very happy with others.  It makes no never mind.  The playing is what's important.

Count your blessings.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Small Creations

This month's challenge at A Monthly Challenge is to think small.  Our little creations are not to be larger than 4"x4".  That's a fun size to play with.  I made coin envelopes.  They measure 4"X3".

The one on the left is made with a scrapbook paper then decorated with torn tracing paper and a bit /of Washi tape.  The one on the right is made with a craft paper and decorated with Washi tapes.

Reverse sides

They are such fun little envelopes to make.

Recently I found a new blog to check in on called The Lost Art of Letter Writing...Revived.  In November Pemela had challenged her readers to make an Autumn Matchbox.  After reading a few of Pam's posts, I felt strongly compelled to write a letter to her.  That must mean her blog is working.  It can't just be that I like mail art.  I didn't want to make a matchbox and I certainly didn't want to deal with mail it to arrive not crushed.  So I made little envelopes for her in the theme of postal/letter writing.  

I put the two tiny envelopes inside the coin envelope.  The smallest envelope measures 1-7/8" X 1-1/4".  Pretty tiny and so adorable.  I also made her card using a Jane Austen library card and a clip art of a writer with a fun ink well hat with her quills handy and note paper streamers.  

Then I wrote the letter.  While working on the envelopes and card, I kept wondering what to write to someone I don't know.  Well, surprisingly, I didn't have any problem finding some words to write.  With email so handy and instant these days, I don't have any "real" stationery on hand.  So I took sheets from note pads and just kept Washi taping them together.  This was a really fun project.

The library card is from a boxed set I found at Barnes & Noble.  They are copies of real library cards from the Library of Congress.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Journaling Craze

My December 2015 Calendar Journal was a fun month to document and attempt some more creative looking day blocks.

A creative lettering style that always catches my attention is now being practiced by me ..... a lot.  Along with other styles.  Drawing letters/words is a painstakingly slow process ..... for me.  I bravely even practice it on mail art envelopes too.  I'm not so good at it.  I'm not even going to say 'yet'.  But if you view it from, say, ten feet away, not too shabby looking.  LoL

On Pinterest I see loads of something new to me.  Bullet Journals.  From what I can figure about them is that they are just lists.  Daily lists.  And people go to a lot of work making these daily lists.

My mind is not what it used to be and it never is spending much time thinking about what I 'should' be doing.  It's always thinking about PLAYING.  This means it's necessary that I make myself lists.  On-going lists.  But I just keep a spiral journal on my desk always with the on-going list of things I need to remember to do, and dates of events that I need to remember are approaching.

The pages get flipped back and forth until 'stuff' gets crossed off.  It also contains ideas and drawing illustrations of ideas for PLAYING.  I even tape things into it that I don't want to loose.  And bits of trimmed off Washi Tapes.  All kinds of stuff really.  It's just what comes to mind at the moment that I don't want to forget.  Or a lot of things that I keep forgetting until I get it written down.  It keeps me on track and on time.

My conclusion to Bullet Journals is that I already have one in a more relaxed format.

Make your day creative!