Friday, September 27, 2013

Mail Art Storage

I thought I'd done quite well when I found and bought a small trunk style box for storing my received mail art.  And I had.  Until Carol's envelopes started getting larger.

And larger. 
So back I went to purchase the next size up just for mail art from Carol.
All better now and plenty of room for more!
Good mail day!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Altered Dictionary - G

This fortnight's letter G is brought to you by
I chose the word

This dictionary has so many illustrations of its own that it's challenging to add my own.  I used the stamped chevrons to hide a golfer and a gondola. 

Here's lookin' at ya!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Altered Dictionary - Z

Z is for Zeppelin
I must post quickly, as a new letter will be assigned on the morrow!  I so wanted to choose the word zip or zipper, but neither is in this dictionary...w h a t ???
I procrastinated this time around because first I needed a proper amount of time to grieve for the absence of the word zip.  Besides that, I wanted to sew pinwheels.  In the end I took the easy route and chose zeppelin on the very last page of this dictionary.
Ok, now back to my pinwheels.......................

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Art Calendar Journal - September

has arrived and I'm on the search for bits of enjoyment in each day. 

 And here is August all completed for my snoopy readers...yeah, you know who you are.  LOL 

There are a couple of days I didn't want to share so they have the large 3 and 8 covering them.  I know, the 8 is upside down.  But they're just laid over the writing for your entertainment, so no worries.

Here's to enjoying our September days!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fall Leaves

This little abstract Fall Leaves quilt started out as a pillow.  I laid it over a pillow form but wasn't really liking how it would look.  It's another last Fall start that's been sitting around waiting to be finished.  I finally decided to cut it down to a small quilt that measures 13.5" square.
That background turns out to be pretty busy.  I like this little quilt more in real than I do in these photos.  The background is the woven technique and the green bars and orange leaves are raw edge applique.  The larger leaf pattern was divided into 6 sections and each section is cut from a different fabric.  I really like how that leaf looks.
How come we never see those stray ravel threads until we post a photo?! 
I hate that Fall is coming because Winter is never far behind.  I'm a Spring/Summer girl.  But I love the colors and fabrics and papers of Fall!