Sunday, June 29, 2014

Some June Days

A few of my days in June went like this...

I could not be more pleased to have discovered printing on tracing paper.  I can add anything printed I want to this non-expanding journal without adding any measurable bulk.
I love the spray adhesive I use as well, because it leaves the pages flexible rather than stiff and warped.  That would be ... 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive, High Coverage, High Tack, Multipurpose.  (The can I have is rather old, but I'm pretty sure I have still seen it on the craft store least I dearly hope so for when I want more.)
Happy Days,

Saturday, June 21, 2014

New Mail Art

But is it fun or a slam?
I got this new Renaissance Girl stamp.  After stamping her a quick glance told me she looked bored.  (Probably because she lives in my boring life now. lol)  And since she was on an envelope, the phrase quickly came to mind.

I thought of several people I could mail this envelope to and began to decide which one.  Then it hit me that they might not see it as funny.  It could be taken as an insult to their life or where they live. 
So here it sits languishing among the envelopes I couldn't part with.  I love how it turned out and don't at all mind having it around.  Personally I would have died laughing finding it in my mail from someone.  But I've been reprimanded too many times for trying to be lighthearted and silly.  So here it sits because I just don't want to chance the possibility of insulting someone.

This next envelope, however, with no questionable wording, has gone on about its business of being mail art.


Tina was curious about this torn tracing paper technique, so I sent her a real life envelope altered that way.
A Good Mail Day to you!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Envelope Art and Journaling

Another torn tracing paper envelope that I can't part with.  But I did make another one to send out into the world. (Sending photocopies has left me feeling like a cheesy schmuck.  No more photocopied mail art!)
I tried to make the layout exact, (so that I wouldn't have to admit that I couldn't part with this one) but if the first stamping doesn't land in the right place, exact can't happen.  So it turned out to be a slight variation of this original.
And here are my most recent journal pages with bits of stamping art added to break up the boringness of my life.
Creative time is at a minimum around here.  But that's better than nil and I will take what I can get.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mail Art

While every envelope begins as mail art with every intention of mailing it to someone, I sometimes can't let it go.  That only happens when I completely surprise myself with some art that I really love how it turns out.  I have to keep the piece around awhile to convince myself "I did that".
This is one of those times.
A couple of background stamps stamped on the envelope behind the man image.  A collage photocopied to tracing paper then torn in strips that are sized and spray glued to the envelope.  Ranger distress ink daubed over the design and framing where the address would go.
I can't part with this original right now, but I did make a photocopy to send to a stamping artist who is very inspiring for me.  She also appreciates the "men" stamps.
While I don't know if that particular original envelope will ever become real "mail" art, this next one did get mailed. 
This envelope was mailed to and inspired by a piece of mail art done by Miss Iowa.  I love so much of her art.  I hope she found it worthy.  You've already seen this butterfly lady on some other pieces of mine.  Those other pieces came about after this envelope was done.  I'm big on getting mileage out of an idea that I like. 
And, I've made only one Post-It pad cover between envelopes.  I really like this crazy collage stamp.  I imagine it will by creepy looking to some, but not to me.
 Have a wonderfully artsy craftsy time!