Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It Was Ugly!

Ok, individually the pieces in this charm pack weren't "all" ugly (I do like a lot of the batiks that are available now)...but together and as a charm pack, I would not have chosen it ... and I didn't. 

I received it as an extra in a swap.  See, I'm not the only one wanted to make it go away.  And I have to admit my first thought was to send it off again to someone else in a swap as an extra.  Well, I couldn't do that.

So it's been kicking around here and it's been in the back of my mind since late last Spring.  I've never considered making a quilt for my husband...it's just not something that would ever make his list of wants.  BUT, I've decided that it could make up into a nice man-quilt.  Even if he doesn't end up being the man that gets it.  We'll see.

So I've chosen a couple of fabrics to sew with the charm pack and I've decided on a design, and that's what I've been working on between Christmas projects.

And I'm thinking it's not so ugly anymore.  The blocks are going together quickly and I'm rather excited about how it's all coming together and how it's starting to look.  I have a ways to go yet.  This is about a third of the blocks that I need.

I'm happy to be working on another throw quilt again (this will be only #5 for me) rather than just small projects.  It makes for a happy mix of stitching therapy!  More progress to come later. 

I hope you are all accomplishing all the Christmas sewing projects you have on your list.  I'm finished with my Christmas sewing list ... unless I see something inspiring on some of the holiday blog hops or on your blog that I think I just have to stitch up right away!

Doing my best to make the season jolly!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

To Prewash or Not

Is it personal preference to prewash fabric prior to use in a project, or is it necessary?

This question has been a topic of discussion and debate forever.  From what I've read, the answer is more personal preference.  More times than not I read so many answers informing us that quality fabrics purchased at quality quilt shops will not have a problem with fabric dyes bleeding when laundered.  If you choose to believe that, well, that is your choice.

This is a quality cut of fabric purchased at a long established quality quilt shop.  It's also the reason why I always prewash my fabrics.

I had already drained the basin a couple of times before I thought to take a photograph.  I have serious doubts that color catcher sheets would be able to save all my hard work in a project from this piece of gorgeous red fabric.  It took me half a day and over night until the dye stopped bleeding.  (Dark blues can be as much a problem as reds can be.)

It doesn't happen to every red fabric but how are you going to know when it will bleed and when it won't.  There's only two ways to find out...the hard way (washing your already completed project) or by prewashing.

I just don't think the risk is worth not prewashing fabric. So, for me, I see prewashing as necessary.

I'm off to wash some more new fabric pieces.
Happy stitching to you!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rubber Stamping Laundry Test

I've done a Rubber Stamping
Laundry Test

I've stamped with rubber stamps on fabric for some of my small projects.  I've used StazOn ink for this technique even though it states on the ink pad that it is NOT for fabric.  It is a permanent ink and has not washed out or run when I have dampened it (usually to remove the purple air soluble ink quickly). 

The projects I have stamped on have not been ones that will ever be washed (fabric postcards) and ones that would seldom, if ever, be washed (wall hangings).  Because I've been questioned about the permanency of the ink on fabric and during laundering, I've stamped a test piece of muslin and laundered it 6 times.

This piece is my original stamping.

This piece is after the 1st washing in a regular heavy duty laundering.

This piece is after the 6th washing in regular heavy duty laundering and about three times with a good dose of stain remover added to the load.

It definitely has faded some.  Mostly with the first wash.  There isn't much noticeable difference from the first wash to the 6th wash.
I know that it's rather difficult to photograph all these tests on different days with a variety of lighting although I placed them always in the same place and used an on camera flash.  The facts are still visible in the stamping in any case.

For the projects that I use this technique on, I'm completely satisfied with the results that this ink is waterproof on fabric.  I wanted to know that when I mailed my fabric postcards and they got wet from rain, or what have you, that the ink wouldn't run. 

I will say that I have heard that VersaMark Ink is better on fabric.  I don't know that this is true, and I was hoping to have been able to get a pad of this ink to test it with the StazOn, but I have not found it locally yet.  However, I will find it and I will test it.

In the meantime, for me, StazOn ink works perfectly for my purposes.

Still happily stamping along,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mug Rug Gift

My gift list sewing is shrinking!

I see a lot of mug rugs made for husbands and boyfriends and although I like them, I just don't envision my husband saying how cool that is and being anxious to use it.  So I had not made one for him ... yet.  And didn't really think I ever would, to be honest.

Sometimes I need to be banged up the side of my head to see what is right in front of my face!  Geezelouise how blind can I be!

My husband brought me a bag from the Harley shop and asked me if I could photocopy it in a different size so that he could trace the emblem shape.  All these years this HD icon has been laying around here and laying around there and staring at me in all the clothing and I've only just now woke up to it.

My husband's mug rug has been staring me in the face forever...now it's ready to be wrapped and tucked under the Christmas tree.

And, for once, I know for sure he is going to love it. 
Another gift crossed off the list!  Hooray again!

Happy holiday sewing to you all!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Just Can't Help It!

I just can't stop myself...please understand it's just my ghastlie personality...

Let It Snow,
Let It Snow,
Let It Snow!

I just can't help it, really!