Thursday, June 4, 2020

An Owl’s Nest

June weather is finally here!  June is when we finally get nice weather for the outdoor cycling!

But today I’m talking about May.

I made an art postcard for an artist friend’s birthday.  Similar to one I’ve made before but in different color inks.

My May calendar journal.  Sorry, lots of personal stuff I don’t care to share.

On May 1st we took a walk to see the owls that are again nesting in a old building inside a boarded up vent that leaves an outside cubby at the upper portion of the building.

Mama Owl and her two babies.  Bunch of sleepy heads!

The next visit we made to observe the owls, the babies were out exploring the world while Mama was napping...again.  I was surprised at how large the “baby” was.

Sadly, the babies were found dead a couple of weeks later.  It is believed they were electrocuted.  Must have been a power surge through the lines.  I hope Mama will return again next year.

May 31st was my first bicycle ride of 2020.  I’m so excited!

Be safe and stay healthy.