Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stripey Squares Halloween Pillow

I've been seeing some quilts made with what I call stripey squares.  I already made a quilt like that a few years ago, but I was inspired to make some more stripey square blocks.  I decided to go small for a pillow cover.  And to use my Halloween stripes.
I even put on my modern brave girl panties and mixed some stripes within a few of the blocks.  I sit on the fence about that design idea.  Sometimes I like it, if the block, as a whole, blends pretty well.  Otherwise, it's not a favorite for me. 

Finally my Halloween quilt has a Halloween pillow to go with.
  Halloween fabrics are the MOST FUN to play with for me.
Happy Fall

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

13 "Little Wallets"

Once I got started making this Little Wallet pattern by Valori Wells, I couldn't stop.  I loved making them!  So much so that you could say I was obsessed with making them for four days.
More than a year ago, I was gifted a couple of these wallets by very dear blogger friends.  I've used them and I've loved them.  But I didn't want to make them until now.  And I thought I'd be lucky to just get through one.  Little did I know THIS would happen!  haha

I think there will probably be a few more too.  My title says there are 13 but you only see twelve.  I'm already using one.
So how many ways can these be used?
The usual:
Gift Cards
Credit Cards
And what else?
I keep condensed medical info handy on my family. 
You never know when you might need this info quick.
How about shopping info that's hard to memorize, like sizes, brands, favorite colors.
The annual Christmas shopping list will need to be handy soon.
Small Notes Paper
What other ideas can we think of?