Sunday, November 10, 2019

Aqua/Silver Christmas Tree Skirt

The color request for this Christmas Tree Skirt was Teal and Silver.  I could not find Teal Charm Packs and I did not want to cut them myself from yardage.  So Aqua and Silver were approved.

All the silvers on whites were glittery but that doesn’t show in the photos and does not show well in the tree skirt either.

So I added rows of couched decorative silver thread.

Still difficult to see the glitz in the photos.

I think I forgot that this pattern should not be used with one-way prints.  All those one-way prints were a struggle.  I tried to plan all the upside down ones to be close to the inside center where they will be hidden by the tree.

I am always amazed how this mathematically incorrect pattern design works out perfectly every time.

For my October calendar journal I tried out a change of layout.  Or maybe it would be called a lack of layout.

I do not write that straight.  I drew lines and erased them after writing and stamping.  I wasn’t very good at doing this daily.  I found it easier to keep daily notes then fill in a few days at a time with the stamping.

While the page looks fun and it was nice to make a change, I was glad to be finished with the month.  I might do this again sometime in the future, but for now I’m returning to the traditional daily blocks style.