Thursday, April 9, 2020

Calendar Journal

This is quite an interesting and terrifying historic time to be documenting my daily existence.  It’s mind-boggling that the entire world is experiencing a pandemic of COVID-19.

I’m still loving my inks and pens that use them.  I am now a new fountain pen addict.  I found these TWSBI ECO fountain pens.  I am a fountain pen dummy and I’m sure they made these TWSBIs just for me.  How kind of them.  Especially love that I can get them with an extra fine nib.

I’ve used my glass dip pen and my fountain pen for journaling during March.

I’m not one of many who are going stir crazy at home.  I LOVE staying at home.  Right now it’s a trial run for retirement.  I may not return to work I’m loving it so much.
I’ve plenty of time for getting some months ahead ready for journaling.  I thought June turned out especially bright and happy looking.

I love that postage stamp of those happy ladies.  Thank you Sheila for sending that with so many long ago.  I love pawing through those stamps.

It feels a little strange for a perfectionist to embrace some sloppiness.  Hey wait!...that’s not sloppy, it’s artistic!  Oh, so that’s how I’m okay with it.  Yay!

Not all the months turn out so pleasing to me.  Once they are written all over they always seem to look a little better.  In any case, I love this simple calendar journaling within a 1-1/8 inch or so space.

I wish the world safety.