Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Stars & Stripes Table Mat

I’ve completed this patriotic table mat in time to enjoy it for a week or so.

The center section is inspired by a painted wood plaque that I saw online somewhere (that I cannot find now to give credit).  I made the design using half square triangles.

From there I gave it borders using more half square triangles.  Then strips of fabric around the outside border.  24” X 24”

I quilted the mat with star shapes.

The stars are all die cut in two sizes then raw edge appliqued.

Hooray for the red, white and blue!
Happy Independence Day, America!

Monday, June 20, 2022

Man Quilt

Another man quilt.
The request is black and red...again.  This time I felt like that meant and no other color.  But I get to choose the backings.

I thought I would just use the “sticks” design.  They were inspired by a photo on Pinterest https://pin.it/4kbQMYB
I wanted them on a larger scale.

But just the sticks was too blah.  I decided some economy blocks thrown into the mix gave it more interest.

When the top was all together I took notice of the backside and the variety of the red fabric wrongsides.  I find all those light colored backings on the red fabrics rather fascinating.

Once again, no froofroo for these men of mine.

I thought while making it that I wasn’t liking it too much.  Man stuff can be boring.
But I do like it very much in the end.

It looks kind of like it could be a game board.
Just need some large game pieces and a set of rules.

 It’s quite different from any quilt design I’ve made so far.
It measures 75” X 63”

Off it goes to the man.