Friday, August 22, 2014

Recent Envelope Art

There's been a sad lull in the department of mailing envelope art.  That HAD to change!  The withdrawals are not a pretty sight.
Envelope Front
I sent it across the globe.  That's definitely NOT instant gratification.  More like hand wringing and worries if your baby will make the trip ok alone.
A bit dramatic you say?  Well, yes, but it's really a small piece of my being that I put on paper as a tangible connection to me that I trust the postal system to keep safe and deliver to my friends.

Envelope Back
The extremely few times that my mail art goes astray, I hope only that it finds it's way to a kindred spirit or just a kindly being who will enjoy it.
A good mail day to you,

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fractured Quilt

I had these bright, colorful fat quarters that needed to be a quilt for my daughter.

As soon as I made this Fractured Pillow design,
I knew I wanted to make a whole quilt with the design.  I didn't have colors enough to duplicate the design, so it took on a look of it's own.  That was close enough for me.
So I began laying out the 3.5" squares.

And pretty soon it was a flimsy.

And then quilting began.

Soon I was stitching the binding.

Before I knew it, I had a completed quilt.

With a very worthy orange backing.

Measuring in at 59" X 77".  A very nice throw quilt size I think.  My daughter approved the fabric stack in a hot second.  I hope she likes it made up.  (Of course she will!) 

 I really got a bug when I started this one and kept at it continually (when I had the time) and within 5 weeks it was a quilt.  That's the fastest I've gone start to finish on a quilt. I  have in mind two more quilts I want to make, so sewing is not done yet.