Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Altered Dictionary - B

It's a new fortnight and the
Alpha Challenge has assigned us the letter B  
I wasn't much inspired by any odd words this time.  I've chosen Bucksaw as my entry for the challenge.
This "junior" dictionary is already so full of illustrations that adding more to some pages just makes clutter.  I added some color to help my altering show out more. 
My intention for this book is to alter at least one word on every page.  So I challenged myself to choose a word to alter on the first B page.  I chose Babel.  And I proceeded to learn about The Tower of Babel, which I had not known about before. 

I found quite a variety of images of this tower, but this one seemed the most common.  The variety of images was fascinating to look through.
Back in the letter F when I illustrated the word Flourish...
my attempt to only lightly ink my stamp was a flop.  I was so disappointed that the ink bled through the page SO badly.  Once I calmed down over it a few weeks later, I began to read the words on the next page to see what possibly I could do with this mess to use it as part of this altering process.
part of the definition for the word Fluke is "a failure".  And it couldn't have landed in a better spot.

And that's how my dictionary alters to date.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Altered Dictionary - U

This time around for the Alpha Challenge the letter assigned to us for word illustration is U
I've selected the word Ulster. 
A great benefit of this project is learning words I've not ever known before.

 Never before have I ever read practically every word in any dictionary...who does that?!  But when this project reaches it's end, that's exactly what I will have done!  Who woulda guessed. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sissy and Missy...

...are very large face stamps.  And not so easy for me to be crafty with.  A couple of posts back I mentioned that I love Renee's creativity with Sissy.  Renee's creations are on large envelopes but I'm not sure of the exact size.  I wanted the face to appear quite large, so I used 6" X 9" envelopes (and because I have lots of them).  A meager beginning, but a beginning none the less.
I got greedy and thought I had to have both sides of the face.
I don't know why now.  I hope to find a good reason soon.  Not that it really matters.

I need to work on how to work things out at the top of her head.  Renee solves that problem with 3-D accessorizing.  But I want things flat for mailing, so I'll have to muse on this for awhile. 
My first stamping, of course, went awry and was crooked on the envelope, blah blah blah.  Rather than toss the envelope, I cut out the face, colored it and added it to my blog/flickr friends journal that I add art to here and there. 

Maybe the solution for the top of the head is to keep it at the top of the page or envelope.  Hmmm

And of course I had to add a "face" to my altered dictionary.

These large face stamps that I've been addicted to lately have me intrigued and stumped at the same time.  I hope that's only temporary.
Off in search of more play time!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Art Calendar Journal - June

has made a warm entrance into California's San Joaquin Valley.  Warm weather makes me happy!

When I picture the "bad boys of summer", those nerdy boys are NOT the ones that come to mind. 

But they're "bad" in their own little way, I bet.  I wanted to help them out with a bit of adventure here.
May is complete!  Carol and a couple of others have filled my month with so many wonderfully good mail days!  Although fun mail is about the most fun part of my day, I had to force myself to find a few other pleasantries to write about.  Just to break it up some.
Happy month of June to you!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Postcards To Mail

I have a small stack of
that I will be mailing out...
Indulge (Fabric)
Live the Life (Paper)
The car is made with actual cancelled postage stamps.
Air Mail (Paper)
The bird is made with Washi Tape.
012 House (Paper)
The house is made with Washi Tape.
Cuppa Love (Paper)
The teacup and saucer are made with Washi Tape.  "Love" is attached with mounting dots.
Now, my problem is where to mail them. 
If you see one you'd like to find in your mailbox, leave me a comment about it, and in a few days I will choose recipients and get your mailing addresses.
Wishing you a Good Mail Day!