Sunday, April 22, 2018

Bird Challenge Postcard

At the Sunday Postcard Art Blog this week, the challenge theme is BIRD.

I love birds in my art.  I had plenty of notice and time to play.  Birdie gave me fits though.  He’s on a rubber stamp and I decided I wanted to give him a little more color than what was on the background.  He began to turn into such a mess.  Although I’m not completely pleased, he finally reached a passable appearance which saved him from a trash bin time out.  Lucky little fellow.  That was a near miss.  

I used inks on this postcard, so my attempt at adding some white backfired.  I’d so quickly forgotten that the modeling paste put on top of inks takes up the ink colors while drying.  But, added texture is good.  Right?

Happy Mail Day!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Abstract Postcards and Art Journal

I’ve a great passion for mail art and am having loads of abstract fun.

This postcard changed since being posted previously.  The postcards seem to appear a bit dull without some white.  

And that’s usually when the modeling paste comes into play.  When the paste is put over acrylic paint and Archival Ink, it stays white.

This is the last art journal page I have for now.  I haven’t been painting with large amounts of paint where there would be some left over.  The postcards are small and they don’t take much paint.  Also no new techniques being tried at the moment.  I’m too hooked on the postcard art.

This was a hard page to find a design for.  I did one element at a time then let it sit until something else came to mind.  So many times I just wanted to tear the page out and toss it to the trash.  And not just for a time out either.

I’m hooked on modeling paste.  I love the stuff!

It’s an icy mess outside weather wise.  The perfect excuse for indoor art play.

Friday, April 6, 2018

March/April Calendar Journal

March 2018 was a bit hectic life-wise, compared to how mundane my life normally is.  Still nothing exciting.  Some crafting fun though.

I’m surprised that I find a little something to write about everyday.  I always expect there to be lots of blank blocks.  I was so excited to stumble across that envelope closure Washi tape!  As well as a lot of other new rolls of Washi tapes.

And so April begins now.

What do you want to bet that something really exciting happens on the 12th and 19th and I’ve no room to write it.  The design of this month is definitely lacking. My first plan for the word “April” was a fail but the tree was already there.  I couldn’t just toss it out and start over.  I’m so enamored with the effects of modeling paste.  It’s such fun.

I also sometimes forget to put the date numbers on my master before I copy it to the design paper.  Then I’m punished by having to do them twice.  Argh!

  Having filled in blocks will take care of the lack of designing creativity.  It’s sometimes hard to remember that and visualize it through the entire calendar page.     

Wishing everyone happy April days!