Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sepia Garden

The Sunday Postcard Art theme this week is SEPIA.

Time to jump in and play.  I pulled several Sepia bits of paper out, cut them up then stitched them together.  After that a splash of color was needed.

And the back is ready for finishing when the recipient is known.

Happy Mail Day!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Just Because Card

I so seldom take the time to make a "just because" card these days.  So it felt quite refreshing to do exactly that.  My daughter will be so surprised.

I bought a hearts set of rubber stamps that I have been resisting for almost 2 years.  But now I had to have them.  My Valentine card for my daughter is already done, but I so wanted to play with these heart stamps.  So a "Just Because" card was just the ticket.

I begin with an A2 (4.25" X 5.5") card made from 140# smooth white cardstock.  

When I only have one sheet of a scrapbook paper design I love, I photocopy it then cut the photocopy to the size of my card front and spray glue it on.

  Next comes all the fun stamping and inking.

And then when I love how the card turns out, I have a terrible time letting it go.  This one I thought would make a fun art postcard (that I could keep). You'd think that would be simple but it took 3 tries. And the postcard is a bit longer, so the larger heart worked better here.

I think this design has room for another play day.  I can see adding a small stamped "h e" in front of "art" to change the sentiment to "Follow your heart". Do you see it?  :-)

Happy "Just Because" mail day!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

January Cards

My January cards are inspired by some scrapbook borders I saw on Pinterest.  I thought I'd try the idea on my scrapbook pages (but who knows when that will happen).  So I took the inspiration to my cardmaking (which is my current passion for creativity at the moment).

They don't look anything like the Pinterest borders, but that's why we call it inspiration.

I've been having some fun with foil and glitter cardstock.

This thank you card is for a guy.  I was going for an industrial look.  That was pretty fun to work on.

The foil is reflecting and looks yellow, but it's really silver.

This little Tim Holtz punch birdie is turning into quite the family and showing up in many of my cards.  

All the teeny tiny rhinestone gems and metals are for nail art. But I have trouble getting them to stick well and stay on my nails.  Now they are a favorite paper crafting supply.

If I could keep my nose out of books, I could have half a year of cards made already.  But the stories keep calling to me and I must answer.  I love to read.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Calendar Journal - Year Five

I'm beginning year FIVE with my calendar journal project.

Obviously I love documenting a bit of each day.  My struggle has been the format.  Yep, I have another new format going.  This might be the one...***have I said that before?...snicker***. 

Three months of 2017 are ready for the day's happenings.

It's pretty simple.  I just need this one template.

I photocopy my template and cut away the blocks I don't need for that month.  Then I number the days.  These templates will work for whatever month starts on these days.  From here I just choose a fun piece of scrapbook paper and photocopy the template to the scrapbook paper.  From there just a little bit of artsy/craftsy page deco is needed.  This is working for me nicely.

Depending how the days fall for the month, some months will allow for more deco fun than others.

I couldn't really wait for January to give it a try, so I began with December 2016.

Here's to the bits and bobs of the 365 days of 2017.