Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Feather in Her Cap

The theme at Sunday Postcard Art is HATS.  This vintage photo is either someone related to me somehow or a friend of someone related to me.  When I came across it in the family photos, I thought the long narrow shape was unusual and that it would be a fun photo to play with.  The hat doesn't seem all that clear, but it's there and it has a feather on it.  Actually, two feathers.  So I couldn't resist pointing it out and creating a collage with the photo.  She's quite proud of her accomplishment...whatever it may have been.

I'm happy to send this postcard off to someone who would like to find it in their mail.  Speak up.

Good Mail Day!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Postcard Swap

The swap started out as a beach theme and I think ended as a theme about anything having to do with summer.  My mind went to and stayed at the beach.  With colorful little huts to change into and out of your swimwear.

And my partner made her postcard based on the rafts of the local fishermen.  What a beautiful setting for fishing, eh?  She even shows the reflections of the sails in the water.  Isnt that the most clever creativity.  

This great postcard swap was hosted by Sheila of  Sheila's Quilt World  Thank you Sheila for all your hard work.

Happy Mail Day,