Friday, May 27, 2022

Postcards From Scraps

I’m linking my scrappy postcards to The Joyful Quilter’s blog for her May 2022 Table Scraps Challenge.  
Scraps are perfect for making postcards.  Especially when they are scraps that you really hate to toss out.  But I did toss these scraps out at first.  

I’m working on a quilt using a bundle of Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements called Abandoned2.  It was hard to not keep these pieces...until it finally dawned on me that I could make postcards with them!  I immediately took a break from the two quilts I’m working on, pulled these scraps from the trash and made some postcards for my Tim Holtz grunge loving friends.

As well as a gift tag.

The desire to sew postcard is in full force right now.

I thought I’d try using the painter’s drop cloth as a postcard base.  It works out really well.  Of course serging the edges helps a great deal.  This fabric has a great texture.  I pulled out my scrap bin and just cut shapes with scissors and stitched them down to create a flower.

Oh, look Joy, there’s a square in this one! **snicker**

I think I might like creating a colorful garden of flowers. I certainly have the scraps to do just that.

And then I got started on that garden...

I wish everyone a happy mail day!

Monday, May 16, 2022

A Table Quilt

The leftover blocks from my grandson’s quilt became my first table quilt.
I was lazy with the math figuring but that turned out to be a happy okay.
I laid out the blocks to allow for sashing to help get it to the size I need.

I then cut sashing pieces to sew between the blocks.

I then measured and cut incorrectly for the outside border.  But that was good because I like the additional red border.  Time to get it quilted.

The red outside border mean’t that I could use up some more scraps by making a scrappy binding from the black and white fabrics.

(Chain piecing the binding)

This is NOT a table quilt that I would have chosen to make and it’s rather an odd duck color choice as well.  But as an everyday table protection, it works.  I only cover the table when we use it for a meal anyway.

To make this table quilt reversible, I used a green print with gold metallic splatters that can be used at Christmas time or St. Patrick’s Day.


Now I’m looking forward to making more table quilts.

April went along like so...

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Black and Red Quilt

A black and red quilt with white thrown in for good measure.  For a man, so no froofroo stuff.

The no froofroo is not quite as easy as it might seem.  For me that meant no flowery prints.

The design is an easy one to cut and sew.


I sewed long strips then cut them into 10” squares.

Arranging the squares with the red strips in alternating positions.

It felt as though it was missing something that would give it some pizzaz.
My favorite black and white stripe to the rescue!  I just trimmed a strip off the edge of random blocks to add the stripe and still keep the block the same 10” size.

Just what it needed.

So on to the quilting.

I pulled the red fabrics back out to cut and sew a scrappy binding.  

(I have a small, silly collection of dog ears)

It looks good and was a great way to use up the small pieces of yardage that were left after cutting the block strips.

And it’s a quilt!
Measuring 57” X 76”
The backing is a red grunge fabric (forgot to get that photo).

It’s fun when the breeze sneaks up to give a quilt a little flight.

I have some squares leftover.
They are not going into the scrap bin, they will become the next project...