Thursday, July 18, 2013

Altered Dictionary - Y

The letter is Y
And the twist is to use the color yellow.
Now, the twists always scare me because my altering style is not like most others where the entire page(s) get painted, and I worry that I won't want them taking place in my dictionary.  So I look for ways to work around them.  So far it's all working out smoothly.
I chose the word yardstick (because of the need for yellow).  This one was a creamy color so I took out a color pencil and gave it a yellow tint.  (Looking a bit more orange than yellow)  So I was sure to highlight the word in a lighter yellow.

I've been altering a few other words along the way.....
I went to the beginning of the book to choose a word.
Abbreviate.  I stamped a list of abbreviated words.
I then turned the page and chose the word abode.  I have seen so many cute houses being created and thought this a good time to try one myself.  I DO NOT draw, so I surprised myself with this little 'abode'!

I then went again to the very next page and chose the word abreast.
At a time when I was playing with face stamps, I went in search of a word to use this "features" stamp.
Then there came forefinger.

And then I found this awesome bicycle rider on The Graphics Fairy blog and it just HAD to be in my dictionary.  Bicycle already had an illustration and the word rider didn't have a good space for the image, so I went to wheel.  Which also already had an illustration, but what I did not know and learned there was that a bicycle was often called a wheel. 


And that's how my dictionary alters.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sissy Art... not art created by sissies.  It's art created with Sissy...a large rubber stamp.  And I'm loving the challenge of working  with her!
I've mentioned previously that I first saw the use of this stamp on Renee's blog, Bolton House .  Renee also helped me to find my own Sissy stamp.  Once she arrived, we decided to trade Sissy Art.  Specifically envelopes.  Totally intimidating for me!  But quite an enjoyable challenge too.  This is the 10" X 13" envelope I created for Renee.
But sadly, Renee has not received her envelope.  Sissy was either kidnapped or just plain lost her way.  I tried so hard to make a swap-worthy envelope, so I hope it is somewhere being enjoyed.

I couldn't wait to start again on another envelope.  Before sending off Renee's envelope, I photocopied it for something to stuff into an envelope to Carol.  I wrote my note to Carol right on the photocopy around the design.  This triggered an idea for another Sissy envelope.  So this 9"X12" Sissy envelope went to Carol. 

I'll never know if anyone between myself in California and Carol in Wisconsin read the letter, but most humans have an irresistible nosey curious nature about them, so I hope it was enjoyed across the land. 

It was awfully fun creating both those envelopes.  I feel a need to make more!


Saturday, July 13, 2013

July Journaling

I am happy to report that a bit of extra effort in creative journaling is giving this lack-luster layout design some life. 

It even makes my uneventful life almost "look" fun.  LOL
Happy July days to all!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Art Calendar Journal - July

has arrived here with a sweltering bang of heat!  Two more days of 100+ temps before we get some relief.  The worse part is the rare added humidity.  I don't like to wish my life away, but I DO wish the next two days go by quickly!

I said I was done with traditional themes for these calendars, but I already bought the stars paper and just wanted to use it and be done with it.  A while back Carol drew some birds for me to make postcards with (which I still have not done yet).  I decided to give one a try for my July calendar in hopes of adding some whimsy to the spread.  July doesn't turn out to be one of my favorite month creations, but I'm not totally disappointed, so I will journal it and move on.

On the other hand, I quite enjoyed working on June.  June had an over abundance of high temps.  Some I didn't even note, but wish I had now.  We don't usually get so many 100+ days.  Obviously I thought the 8th was going to be one of those really unusual hot days.  Oh, little did I know...!

Wishing everyone a safe, sparkly and happy 4th of July!