Monday, August 15, 2016

Walk Your Pets

This week the theme for Sunday Postcard Art is WHEELS.

I actually started this postcard for last week's theme of PETS.  Needless to say, it didn't get done.  I struggled with the background.  When I finally gave up, I checked what the next theme would be.  Wheels.  My pet walking cart has wheels!  I still had a chance to finish this postcard.  But I was still struggling with the background.  

I worked on the background, but I didn't like it.  Not one little bit.  I finally decided to cut out the images and use my favorite background technique of finding a scrapbook paper that would do the job.  It came with sunshine.  I added Wink of Stella to the fish for his glistening scales look, but the camera doesn't pick it up well.  The tiny silver dots is the very fine Stella glitter.

The correspondence side...

Happy Mail Day!

Thursday, August 11, 2016


This fabric sailboat postcard sailed the high seas to The Netherlands and arrived quite safely.

A birthday card (that I basically copied from a Pinterest card).

A scrapbook spread from one of my bicycle rides last summer in Wisconsin.

I always wish summertime would last forever.  Just not the 100+ degree days!

Happy Days!

Monday, August 1, 2016

A Birthday and Ms. Skellie

A big three O birthday came around this year and I had a fun time making a birthday card.  Those Tim Holtz 3" number rubber stamps don't keep anything a secret.  Aren't those candles clever?  I wish I could claim their design, but I saw them on a store card.  

I swapped Ms. Skellie mail art with a couple of like-minded rubber stamping artists.  These are the envelopes I sent out.

Those new Planets postage stamps came out just at the right time for my envelopes.

I'm not accomplishing much on my to do list since purchasing a Kindle Fire and joining Bookbub.  I wish I'd done that hundreds of book dollars ago!  

So many enjoyable pastimes, so little time!

Happy Mail Day!