Sunday, September 30, 2012

Some Fun Mail Days know, the kind without bills... 
 This postcard was mailed to Annie.  She always says "Create Your Life".  What a great saying, huh.  And a good plan to do so as well. 
This postcard went to Sheila.  I mused for quite some time over a design for Sheila's postcard.  This design came to mind as a reflection of how I visualize Sheila's personality. 
Are you familiar with IHAN (I Have A Notion) blog?  Kelly posts photos of a neighborhood home that displays several pink flamingos performing entertaining antics.  Kelly has formed the Flamingo Flock Fan Club.  I have so enjoyed the flamingo's antics that I couldn't resist sending the homeowners a piece of fan mail.
My play time has diminished over the past couple of weeks but that doesn't stop me from getting 10 to 30 minutes here and there and whenever I can.  Lately it seems that everything I start reaches a point of what's next?...because I don't usually plan an entire project.  I start with the idea and make it up as I go along.  So my latest ones are all at the what's next? stage.  But I have a couple of homeless postcards that I've been enjoying for a while.
This sweet Little Red Birdie is looking for a new home and so is...

...this Fat Orange Cat. 
So it's time to find happy homes for them?  Would that by any chance be your home?  Tell me!

Monday, September 10, 2012

It's a


I LOVE to craft - I HATE to cook 

First, *begin rant* why is it people automatically think that if you hate to cook, that you can't cook good food?  I may not like to cook, but I also don't like to eat bad food.  *end rant*
I've kept my family's all-time favorite food recipes in my head and in this book that I received as a gift back in 1985. 
It only holds the absolute favorites of recipes, so there really aren't all that many.  But the book is coming apart.
For years I've been wanting to craft a more fun way to store these recipes.  Lots of ideas have come to mind but none that really grab my attention.  Then a few days ago I saw a recipe card contest and I knew immediately what I wanted to do with these special recipes.

I started with a really simple recipe that is just in my head and no specific measurements.  I wanted it to all fit on the front of the card.  I love how it came out so I tried another one. 

 So fun !!!
Here's what I'm not telling you.... I was going to submit one for the contest.  However, they don't return your work.  Which means I needed two.  One for them, one for me.  Well, I don't want to do two the same.  I want to get along to making my next recipe card. So, to heck with a contest! 

And the backs are getting a bit dressed up as well. 

I haven't yet worked out how I want to do the longer recipes. Maybe a card that folds, so-to-speak.  I like ingredients and instructions both visible at the same time 
I think I'm going to have bunches of fun working on these.  I got a paper mache recipe box at Hobby Lobby that I will cover and decorate...maybe. 
I'd really like to find a clear acrylic box for this project.

Wow, this almost makes me think I could like cooking....nah!...that'll NEVER happen!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

a Thank You Note   
I usually start a project, large or small, with either a finished visual idea in my noggin or I start with just a beginning idea.  But never with anything set in stone, because I just never know how it will progress from my original idea.  Such was this project.
I received this thank you note from Caroll, West Michigan Quilter , after sending her a fabric postcard.

Blossoms and Buds by Cheri Blum
I think it's a pretty still life picture.  I copied this card to fabric at a postcard size.
I had some flowers of my own to put into the bottles, then I highlighted the flower centers, the stems and glass jars with thread.
The flowers are from Lisa's Altered Art 
While I stitched away on this postcard, I contemplated whether I would send this altered Cheri Blum back to Caroll or make it a new offering to my followers.  I don't know why, but when I finished stitching, this little piece of altered art didn't have a postcard personality.  It took on a doorknob quilt personality. 
What I learned while playing with this piece...  those printed flower inchies from Lisa's Altered Art didn't come out quite as bright as I would like them to have, so I wondered "what would happen if" I colored them a bit with my Prismacolor colored pencils.
It did the trick, brightened them right up.  These pencils colored on the Magic Fabric so nicely.
I'm sure these pencils will not be washable.  If I wash this little quilt and if the pencil washes out, I don't really care.  I can color them again or not. 
I think this little quilt has an old antiquish look with modern flowers bringing it into the twenty-first century rather than out to the yard sale table.  I like it. 
I love how these little doorknob quilts can add a bit of life to an ordinary setting.
Keep an eye out for inspiration...