Sunday, April 6, 2014

Art Journal 2014 - March

March 2014
Art Journal
I'm feeling incredibly flighty with this project.  Although I like best how March turned out, in April I am once again taking a new direction with this daily journaling thing.
Thank you Chris for another great art journal page!

An update on my Paint Tin envelope....I've added a paint brush.  It felt unfinished or incomplete to me and now it feels complete.

Now if only I could paint for real!... **sigh** ...oh well, I can do other things well instead.  Variety in people and talents is the spice of life.


sheila 77 said...

I've just read through your month which sounds a bit like you were on a roller coaster. And we get these tiny bits of Annie-life and want to know more - who is Manard who did the cooking one day, who is Jay? Little bits of life which are like a dream.
I like the way the right hand page is decorated, lovely soft background colours and then the dark stamping.
Thanks, dear Annie, for sharing your art and snippets of your life.

ellen gets crafty said...

Wow - I think you out did yourself with March. Great layout! I love all of the different designs for each day, very creative.

Cynthia said...

Annie! That is so cool! That is a journal I would want to actually read! And paint box looks awesome! Oh and I really hope "woohoo" is a word...I use it all the time! ;)

patchouli moon studio said...

Love the March pages Annie.

carol said...

It seems as though each month you are getting more and more creative with your journal pages……LOVE March! I hope you are saving them all! Can't wait to see April all filled in.

The paint box even looks "realer" now…..even if that isn't a word. lol The paintbrush really does the trick! I can't believe how well the original copied. Thank you for sending me one!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Yes, I see you are "marching" right along with your journal! Get it!
No really I love what you do, it is a true talent. Your paints look wonderful, but then I thought they did before.

Jacque said...

The perfect touch for your paint it!

Renee said...

I never get tired of reading your journals. Makes me feel like a voyeur! I like the paintbrush too, but then I liked it before. Love the style of the journaling pages, makes me want to try something like that.

journalady® said...

LOVE the added paintbrush.
LOVE my very special envelope.
LOVE that you have gotten so much wonderful mileage out of this and have been sharing it.
Everyone LOVES palettes!

Sandy said...

Your calendar journals are always works of art and I think that this one is one of your very best - maybe even the best. I would hang this on my wall!!
That paintbrush is so perfect - did you paint that?
Back to your calendar - well I mean, that's where I am going - back to your calendar!

Tera Callihan said...

you have been on a roll!! I love the art journal!! and I see some of my fave. holtzy stamps and an awesome stamp I think i need to hunt down!!! (that amazing stamp with the clipped paper!!! <#) Oh heck I love all of this!!

Createology said...

How fun your Watercolor Tin is with the added paintbrush. Great job! March calendar journal pages are wonderful. Creative April Bliss...