Sunday, August 5, 2012

Clean and Clear Images 
with Rubber Stamps on Fabric

I've seen several pretty adorable projects that include some pretty messy rubber stamping of words.  I think it can really down-grade the quality of an otherwise beautifully stitched project.

Therefore, I feel compelled to provide a tutorial to hopefully help the less experienced fabric rubber stampers to retain the quality of their sewing skills by enhancing a project with clean and clear rubber stamping.  Whether it be with lettering or just an image or both.

It's really a very simple process.

So, get out your stamps and pads.

Be sure to stamp on a firm surface.  I use a cutting mat.  Also stamp the project before layering and quilting.
"Messy" is easy to accomplish.....look familiar?
Ok, my 'messy' is a bit over kill. It's harder to 'messy' on purpose than by accident.
'Messy' is caused by pressing your stamp into the ink pad too far or at an angle which gets ink on the rubber edges.

'Messy' is also caused by then pressing the stamp onto the fabric with too much pressure or at an angle or by rocking the stamp, transferring the ink on the rubber edges onto the fabric.

The secret cure is too carefully ink only the raised rubber image evenly.  While inking the stamp, should ink get on the edges, have a small rag handy and just wipe off the edge before stamping the fabric. 

When pressing the stamp to the fabric, don't use an over amount of pressure, and be sure to distribute the pressure over the entire image to be sure to imprint the entire image.

that's it!


Store ink pads positioned upside down.  This keeps the ink at the top of the pad where you want it and it's much easier to ink a stamp.

Happy clean stamping!

...and this Scrappy Swirl was mailed to Carol of Just Let Me Quilt


  1. Thanks Annie for the great tips. I have been guilty of messy stamping on fabric, but I knew it was due to too much pressure plus too much ink at times. I know that Fabrico ink is for fabric, but are the 2 brands in your photo for fabric? Or do you not really worry since it's a postcard and won't be washed? Do you ever make quilts with stamping?

  2. This is such perfect timing! After I saw some of your projects, I purchased stamps and pads galore, but have never been happy with my final project. I will follow your directions and I know I will get better at it! Thank you so much!

  3. I will try this yet! Really, I will! Now to write down those stamp pads I must buy!

  4. LOL, awesome, got rid of all the rubber stamps and ink pads a while back...sigh, guess I need to go shopping...LOL...any tips on the best brand of ink to have the images not fade?

  5. Thanks for the tips Annie!
    I've only done a small amount of stamping and often I was messy but now I know how to correct it! I'd never have thought of storing ink pads upside down! Thanks!!

  6. This is great! I really want to stamp some fabric--what ink do you use? Does it wash out? Do I need to set it? Come on, Annie, I need more, more, more info so I can do cool stuff like you. LOL! PS. I'm watching my mailbox in anticipation of Scrappy Swirl's arrival. You'll hear the squeal, I'm sure. :O)

  7. All I need to do is follow your clear instructions and patience.... lots of patience! Thanks.

  8. Thanks for the great tips Annie! Fabric stamping is one of many to do's on my list! Now to find some time!

  9. I have all of the gear I need....I just have never tried it. Maybe one day soon. Thanks for the tips.

  10. That little Scrappy Swirl arrived--did you hear all the noise? It's even more beautiful sitting in my hand. Love it! Thank you!

  11. Now I want to try this, for sure! Is there a special ink to use? I appreciate the tips on how to do it with no messiness! Thanks, sweetie!

  12. What a nice set of alphabets. Thanks for the tips. I'd also be interested if you use anything other than stamp pads on fabric, for example on mats which, unlike quilt art, have to be washed.

  13. For those asking:

    The VersaCraft pad is for fabric so I'm assuming it will wash well.

    The StazOn states that it is not for fabric but it is a permanent ink and I have previously done a laundry test with this ink. You can see the results in this post:

    Happy stamping!

  14. I confess...I'm one of the messy ones. I honestly thought though, that it was better to use a padded surface for stamping. Hmmm...where'd I get that idea?

  15. These are great tips, Annie! Stamping on fabric is something I've been considering doing for a while now. Your tips make it look so easy!

  16. These are absolutely great tips..thanks Ann how nice of you to share ....and I have some ...I was doing it all wrong....

  17. You make it look so simple! I have a ton of stamps and I would love to see how they look on fabric...guess I need to add this to my list.


  18. Just spotted your FPP ice cream cone. It will make a nice charity mini quilt for the 'preemies' at our local hospital. Thanks You. Jay


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