Sunday, December 30, 2012

It never FAILS... I always 
FAIL !!!

I have had to face the fact that I cannot challenge myself to a challenge.  I don't think I've ever completed a personal or public challenge to date!
My most recent personal challenge that I made public was my pillow a month make one pillow for each month of the year.  I really thought that was a simple enough challenge to succeed with.  WRONG!  I managed all of 7 pillows.

I didn't even like all of them.
And then there was the one I did not like as a pillow...

...but love it flat as a wall hanging.

And there are two others started but not finished.  I can at least say I gave it a good go. 

Within a span of 48 hours I decided on a new challenge for myself for 2013 and soon enough, faced the facts that I really won't get through it.  I really want to do these things, but I guess I'm just not cut out to stick with the same old same old day after day or month after month. 

Now finally I have "challenged" myself to figure out why this is.  My conclusion is that I challenge myself to accomplish something over a years time at a time when I have nothing particular in the works.  Then as time is moving along, inspiration begins to strike that leads me off into another direction.  And that keeps happening over and over throughout the year.

Now I'll just face the truth of it and go with the here and now and follow 2013 where it leads me.
I'm pretty excited about 2013 for the silly reason that I like the number 13.  This makes me wonder what this coming new year has in store for me and for all of us.  Naturally I hope for good we all hope for.  We could sure use a good break couldn't we.
Happy New Year
to all!