Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Altered Dictionary - C

This week the
Alpha Challenge 
letter is C
The word I chose is Couple

Not much to this, cut and paste is all.  But I like finding them in the book. 

The real artwork is the dolls.  This couple was cut from a Steampunk magazine (it's where they met.  They were placed side by side on the page spread) and they are dolls created by Stephanie Novatski.  I'm quite fascinated by steampunk art.  The magazine is filled with creatively fun crafted creatures and whatnot.  I want to add some favorites to my altered dictionary for a bit of fun visuals for the words I choose.

It seems it's ok to do more than one word for each letter, so I hope to do more during the fortnight.
I revisited my V page, and chose another word on the page to play with.  I really wanted to see if I  could perk up the page.  I chose the word vane.
Page 927 as a whole now looks like this.
This makes me feel lots better about this page.  Although, as an after thought, I will try to choose words in the future that don't already have an illustration.  That might be a challenge in itself since this is a "Junior" dictionary.  It's full of illustrations for words.

I really would have liked to use rubber stamps for all the altering, but that just isn't possible right now, so I'll have to be happy with limited mixed media altering.