Friday, April 26, 2013

Mail Bombed

I've been getting
Mail Bombed
single handedly by my friend, Carol 
We have both been bitten by the mail art bug and specifically decorative envelopes. 

While Carol has been bombing my mailbox with fun envelopes, I've only managed to get one envelope to her.

Carol has been really busy creating cool envelope art. 
This one was to kick off my birthday month.  I love starting early and this birdie envie got things going.  Carol took ballet at one point in her life, so she knows what a ballerina looks like!  Adorable, huh.
Isn't this one fun!  It's Spring!

This one's patriotic.

These next two have been written with some kind of pen that leaves the ink looking shiny after it's dry.  And a slight puffy look to it also.

The shiny confetti is absolute fun!  I know the shiny can't be seen here, but it really is shiny.

And then this dear friend of mine (Carol) got Jean Wilson, Pushing the Envelope to send me an envelope created by her.  What a beauty!
And inside this beauty was a bonus envelope...
On the back of this bonus envelope, Jean wrote that she hadn't enough time to finish it.  It seems her intent was to fill in more spaces with color.
How I've been loving going out to my mailbox lately!  Thank you so much Carol and Jean!
A Good Mail Day is hard to beat. 
Ask me how I know that!  LOL


  1. Ha! Obviously Fahad doesn't read the post! LOL Anyway, I love all those cards. You guys are so creative. They make me smile! Thanks for sharing.

  2. E-gads, i still have a few here unmailed......more are yet to come, my friend!

  3. You certainly have fun and creative friends! I follow Carol's blog too so I know how creative she is. Lucky you to be the recipient of such fun envelopes. postcards and such.
    Whenever your birthday is (or was) I hope you enjoyed a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Annie!!!

  4. These envelopes are so fun. but what is inside of them, all birthday cards?

  5. I love mail art too and you have some good ones here.

  6. Gosh, that is being artmail bombed, what fun to receive these. I like the ballerina and the confetti best. Like Karen, I would like to know what was in these envelopes - cards? flat presents? but if the envelope is the present, then that's fine too. Would you like my address, Carol?

  7. neat stuff, did it need extra postage?

  8. to kick off your "birthday month"? I feel cheated! I just get a birth DAY.....which is TODAY. Love seeing the wonderful envelopes you get...and give. Happy Birthday month to you.

  9. Okay, so when is your birthday kid? This envelope art is fantastic! You do have talented friends but you are very talented too and I should know. I have never know anyone to print as small as you can and so beautifully too. Your postcards are dog gone wonderful!!

  10. One more comment if you don't mind - I adore that ballerina!

  11. Oh how I wish I was as talented as that "Carol"! Those are just amazing and such a fun thing to receive in the mail.

  12. yet another Carol here, directed from Carol's blog. love love them. can' wait for my pens to arrive this week and the fun begins!

  13. Annie, loved seeing these envelopes! The two of you are so creative. Hope you have, or had, a fantastic birthday. Thanks for sharing these wonderful creations!

  14. How fun to receive so many happy envelopes - much better than bills!
    Your friend Carol did a great job helping you celebrate your birthday month.


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