Saturday, May 25, 2013

Meet Emily and Renee

There was a day when I would never have braved working with a large face stamp.  But I'm older now and have less sense..........  Or maybe just fewer inhibitions.  I've recently discovered Renee's blog, Bolton House where I find lots of inspiration.  Namely and most prominently are these two envelopes designed by Renee.

Which have inspired me to try my hand at large face stamps.

6" X 9" envelope turned sideways

I was pretty impressed with myself for creating this little bit of artsy work here.  I knew immediately what I would use this for (as the gift wrap for a hospitality thank you I will need in July), but I also knew I didn't really want to part with it.  So, when that happens, when I get an idea or design I like, I like to get more mileage out of it by using it up and wearing it out.

So I created another version for my journal where I collect blogger and flickr friends and their mail info and add a bit of artsy stuff on a page here and there.

And then another version on an envelope for Carol.

That was so satisfying!  Renee helped me find the very large half face she worked with, so I'm pretty excited now to see what I can create with it myself.

In the meantime, the idea for Carol's name on the envelope above  was so fun that I had to use up and wear out that idea too.

And THAT was really fun to create!  I'll be using this style on everyone I know.  LOL  The little yellow squares look a bit funny because they are done with a glitter pen and are reflecting the lighting.   Sadly, the photo doesn't show how awesome the glittery ink looks.

 To see all the fun envelopes that Carol has sent to me, click HERE to go to her flickr photostream....where you'll see all her fabulous artwork.
I try very hard to get some sewing in between envelopes, but every time I go to my work space, it seems another envelope insists on being designed.  But, that's how I roll... crafting what most interests me at the time.  And right now, what interests me most is sending fun snail mail to unsuspecting characters in my life.
Wishing you a Good Mail Day!