Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sissy and Missy...

...are very large face stamps.  And not so easy for me to be crafty with.  A couple of posts back I mentioned that I love Renee's creativity with Sissy.  Renee's creations are on large envelopes but I'm not sure of the exact size.  I wanted the face to appear quite large, so I used 6" X 9" envelopes (and because I have lots of them).  A meager beginning, but a beginning none the less.
I got greedy and thought I had to have both sides of the face.
I don't know why now.  I hope to find a good reason soon.  Not that it really matters.

I need to work on how to work things out at the top of her head.  Renee solves that problem with 3-D accessorizing.  But I want things flat for mailing, so I'll have to muse on this for awhile. 
My first stamping, of course, went awry and was crooked on the envelope, blah blah blah.  Rather than toss the envelope, I cut out the face, colored it and added it to my blog/flickr friends journal that I add art to here and there. 

Maybe the solution for the top of the head is to keep it at the top of the page or envelope.  Hmmm

And of course I had to add a "face" to my altered dictionary.

These large face stamps that I've been addicted to lately have me intrigued and stumped at the same time.  I hope that's only temporary.
Off in search of more play time!