Thursday, July 18, 2013

Altered Dictionary - Y

The letter is Y
And the twist is to use the color yellow.
Now, the twists always scare me because my altering style is not like most others where the entire page(s) get painted, and I worry that I won't want them taking place in my dictionary.  So I look for ways to work around them.  So far it's all working out smoothly.
I chose the word yardstick (because of the need for yellow).  This one was a creamy color so I took out a color pencil and gave it a yellow tint.  (Looking a bit more orange than yellow)  So I was sure to highlight the word in a lighter yellow.

I've been altering a few other words along the way.....
I went to the beginning of the book to choose a word.
Abbreviate.  I stamped a list of abbreviated words.
I then turned the page and chose the word abode.  I have seen so many cute houses being created and thought this a good time to try one myself.  I DO NOT draw, so I surprised myself with this little 'abode'!

I then went again to the very next page and chose the word abreast.
At a time when I was playing with face stamps, I went in search of a word to use this "features" stamp.
Then there came forefinger.

And then I found this awesome bicycle rider on The Graphics Fairy blog and it just HAD to be in my dictionary.  Bicycle already had an illustration and the word rider didn't have a good space for the image, so I went to wheel.  Which also already had an illustration, but what I did not know and learned there was that a bicycle was often called a wheel. 


And that's how my dictionary alters.


  1. Amazing! I am in awe of your pages. You are so talented!

  2. I love seeing all the things you have done today. What a talent. Now I think I have to go look at Graphics Fairy more often. Love that bike.

  3. Nice that there were spaces for the eyes of your feature face. Good work Annie!

  4. Very interesting to hear the stories behind the words. I think my favorite was the first one, yardstick. You must have so many stamps to create such neat art!

  5. These are all fascinating and the dictionary must be so pleased to be getting so much attention. I do like the "yardstick" and "abreast" (ha ha!) - oh and "abode", a sweet little coloured house, but they are all good.

  6. Your dictionary is uber fabulous. I adore not only what words you select but the decision that resulted in the word and alteration. Love your style dear...

  7. How fun! I think you need to get out all your stamps and look for cool words for them. I bet you could fill up that dictionary in no time flat! I bet it's fun paging through it now and seeing all your delightful images, huh? Wish I was there to share that with you! Keep um coming!

  8. Love your work! One good word deserved another. Awesome as always. :-)

  9. Annie, Love everyone of your altered images...your house is wonderful!

  10. Super yardstick and all the other words too. Your dictionary is super illustrated and still useable excellent. BJ

  11. Wow! You have been busy with your dictionary - everything looks great and very clever!!


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