Saturday, August 17, 2013

Altered Dictionary - D

I'm barely getting my letter D word done before the next letter is announced, but here it is...
including a bit of silliness.

The image is cut from a Steampunk magazine.  (I found only two Steampunk magazines earlier in the year but have not been able to find any more after that)  I couldn't resist adding this image to my altered dictionary.  A rather bit of poor image placement with that darn dodo bird.  I'll have to keep watch for an inspirational fix.
Until the next letter...


  1. Love your dictionary work, as always. Check out "Just Steampunk" magazine if you haven't already. I think the next one comes out Jan 2014.

  2. Good fun doctor, Annie. That's the way of dodos, always getting in the way, and I don't know what that dolly on the next page is thinking now she is upstaged.

  3. A perfect "Doctor" choice too. Never even heard of Steampunk...guess I am showing my age, lol.

  4. I like the dodo - he's living up to his name!! Great idea using Dr. Scholl.

  5. Ha Ha! I love the Dr. School. You could have chosen any kind of doctor, but this one is the best! Cute idea. I'm sure you will think of something clever for that dodo bird.

  6. Good morning Annie - I love your vision. You have such a wonderful sense of humor!! Fantastic.

  7. I have never seen a steampunk magazine but I am certainly enchanted by steampunk creations. Darned DoDo bird sticking his head up...well...just where it doesn't belong. Fun with your dictionary dear...

  8. Hi Annie, thanks for dropping in on my blog and for your sweet comment. Love that fun image you used! Never even knew there was such a thing as steampunk magazines...will had to do some research! Hugs Frea


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