Monday, November 11, 2013

Altered Dictionary - Q

It's time now for the letter Q in this
Altered Dictionary Challenge
Q is or Queen

I found several Q words to illustrate, but first I had to work with the "queen" of all Q words...because I can't resist an opportunity to play with my largish face stamps.


  1. Do you hand color her features - eyes, skin tone, cheeks - each time you stamp Sissy? My Sissy has blue eyes and much softer lips, so I am thinking that must be the case. Nice job and I am sure Q has a lot of "quirky" words ;)

  2. A good soulful queen, and the largest coloured picture yet for this rather fine dictionary.

  3. You do the most amazing things with paper! love this Queen!!!

  4. Hey Annie - beautiful Q page. The crown is really neat. Would you believe that I only have a page and a half in my dictionary for Q words. It seems that I glued a lot of them to another page to make the page more sturdy. Oh well -- I hve to get going on my entry. What in the world did you color her with - the coloring is fangdangtastic!

  5. Ahh but the Queen is the ultimate priority. Fabulous face stamp and crown you have given her. Creative Blissful Altering Dear...

  6. Lovely pages, that is a great stamp! I have one of the smaller ones!

    Thanks for your comment on my Queen ATC - the stamp I used is by The Queen's Dresser Drawers as far as I remember!


  7. I like the delicate colouring.


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