Friday, August 22, 2014

Recent Envelope Art

There's been a sad lull in the department of mailing envelope art.  That HAD to change!  The withdrawals are not a pretty sight.
Envelope Front
I sent it across the globe.  That's definitely NOT instant gratification.  More like hand wringing and worries if your baby will make the trip ok alone.
A bit dramatic you say?  Well, yes, but it's really a small piece of my being that I put on paper as a tangible connection to me that I trust the postal system to keep safe and deliver to my friends.

Envelope Back
The extremely few times that my mail art goes astray, I hope only that it finds it's way to a kindred spirit or just a kindly being who will enjoy it.
A good mail day to you,


  1. I can only surmise that this exquisite work of art on the finest of thin papers was brought across the Atlantic by Mr. Head-Post-Office himself, carrying it on a velvet pillow, as it arrived with not a mark out of place. There is no better mail to find on your doorstep than mailart from Annie. Thank you Annie, a million times.

  2. It must be so entertaining for the mail carriers to see your envelopes! Most are probably so boring! :) beautiful work as always!

  3. Yay,Annie is back :)

    Love this one....I know how hard it was for you to part with it. I am still admiring my one from you,you are the best mail art drawer out there :)

    Have a great weekend

    Donna xxx

  4. How fun to see your mail art once again. Personally, I've missed it!

  5. Drool!!! I so love your beautiful envelope! I know how you feel about the anticipation on waiting for the mail to arrive!! I have been bad, haven't done a lot myself either... Believe it or not I still have one sitting here with your name on it... I meant to send it ages ago... will try yo get it out soon :D

  6. It's a beautiful piece. Did it get where it was supposed to go or are you still waiting?

  7. Fabulous envies, Annie. Love the vintage sepia tones you used with these images. I'm sure you made many people very happy along the journey.

  8. Annie, you mail art just keeps on getting better and better! You are a true artist! I couldn't imagine the sadness of losing one in the mail delivery system.

  9. Do you remember that the first piece of mail art you sent me did go a stray! Sisters, sisters, there were never more devoted sisters. That is the first thing that came to mind when I saw your wonderful mail art. How brave you are to set your baby free!
    Sandy xx

  10. Oh my, I would definitely be sitting on the edge of my chair waiting to see if those made it safely to their destinations! They are gorgeous!

  11. Just fantastic!!! Love all your creations!!!

  12. Eeek, trst in the postal services I guess right? Love this one :)

  13. It is difficult to release our beautiful art into the US Postal service...(SERVICE?!!). Your envelope art is fantastic dear. I do hope it makes its destination safe and sound. Creative Envie (Yes I do envy your art) Bliss...


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