Saturday, August 1, 2015

Vacation Mail Art

I am having a little visit at "home" for a couple of months.  I'm having the most marvelous time relaxing and thoroughly enjoying life for this short time.  

I have even had time to play with some mail art.

I dug through my old supplies which suddenly looked all new and exciting.  I decided to see what I could come up with after their long almost 5 year rest.  It just needed a little something extra, so I had to wait for the good mail day to bring me the brick wall stencil to finish it off.

Now I need help figuring out where to mail this envelope off to.  Any suggestions?

Then daughter and I went shopping and the raven stamp came home with us.  It turns out that we had both been contemplating that stamp for a while.

I wanted to send him out, but didn't think I could part with him.  So I attempted to recreate this envelope.

You cannot duplicate original art with that background technique.  Which is a very good thing.  I like him too.  But he will fly off to a sweet mail art friend.

I love the envelope mail art best when it has the recipients name and address on it.  That always adds the perfect finishing touch.  

Wishing everyone a good mail day.


  1. Very Pretty! I don't think I would be able to part with if it were me. :-)

  2. So enjoyable to rediscover your toys and play with them like they're new. Enjoyed your envelope always.

  3. I would want him too. I have three metal crows that are on permanent display. When I heard they were Edgar, Allan, and Poe, that clinched the deal. Great artwork and I see Sissy has made a comeback - or should we call her Eleanor in this case?

  4. Enjoy your "home" time! Love the crow, esp. with a corn postage stamp!!!

  5. Naughty I NEED to buy that stamp too ha ha. Wonderful mail art from my favourite American crafter too ;)
    Happy homely holiday time
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  6. Fab, fab, fab! Wonderful mail art Annie, your envelopes are wonderful, especially Mr. Raven (who I think I have hiding down in my craft room, definitely have to break him out now!) Someone is going to be very, very lucky to get these lovely pieces. Have a wonderful and relaxing vacation! Deb xo

  7. I am so happy you're getting a relaxing break! Love the envelopes, it is always fun to rediscover fun supplies.

  8. Woohoo so happy you are getting some relaxing time and getting to create mail art again! ! I love these!! I know one should definitely come live with me!! It's been far too long!!! :) and you know I love your art! !!

  9. The raven is seriously cool. I agree it needs the address to complete in, written in your impeccably artistic neat hand-writing.
    Nice mysterious background too.
    I really love all the "bits" that make up the first envelope, so structured and yet so arty, that's you.
    Glad you are enjoying your Home Time and I'm looking forward to seeing more old/new supplies art. These old supplies have been crying to get out, I could hear them from here.

  10. That is a cool looking raven stamp. Happy mail art creating Annie!

  11. Annie that Raven is wonderful. Full of mischief. Enjoy your break and let your creative jucies flow.

  12. Hey Annie - you are so darn good - wonderful eye for design and color. I don't blame you for wanting to keep that Raven - and you can quote me on that!!!!
    Sandy xx

  13. Annie, your mail art is beautiful. Your eye for placement is incredible. Creative juices always flowing but glad that you are able to get some time for relaxing.

  14. Home and Art Play time makes for a perfect Summer. Your envelope art is always so beautiful and fun. I would love to spend a day with you and Art Play for I know I could learn so many techniques I admire of yours. Artful August Dear...


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