Friday, June 24, 2016

Scrapbooking Pages

You might not know this, but yes, I scrapbook too.  Yes, too many crafty irons in the fire.

I've never shared my Scrapbooking pages before, but here are a sampling of a few.  My style is greatly different than most I have seen.  I want the pages to be more about the photos than about how many doodads I can glue to the page.  I absolutely love those doodad-loaded pages that I see others making, but I feel like the photo gets so lost.

Dies for cutting out letters with my BigShot has been a real life saver.  Before that I cut them with the Cricut (which was fine except when the paper would tear) and before that I traced letters from stencils and cut them out with an Xacto knife.  Quite painstakingly too, I might add.  

My scrapbooks are the 8.5" X 11" size.  To me the 12" X 12" pages are SO big!  Although sometimes I long for a larger page.  I do have pages that are a double page spread for one event.

This was a year ago and we're about to attend this rally again the first of July.

My very good friend from "home".  Processing the photo like this took away lots of aging and wrinkles. Why can't we do that in real life?

Being away from home, I hadn't done much Scrapbooking.  I loved getting back into it.  I'm looking forward to lots more time with my daughter like this in the future.

These tennies were just barely before the wild colored ones we see today.  I'm sure by now she has a wildly brightly colored pair of tennies.  Some people will scrapbook anything, eh?

I thought when I started in again with Scrapbooking and started right from the current day, that I'd be able to keep up AND work backwards to catch up.  I'm already 10 months behind that "current day".  So I see that it is a loosing battle and I just have to plug along as best I can.  

Keeping that calendar journal is a great big help in remembering the sequence of events and the dates.  I have looked back as a reference countless times already.  

Keeping memories alive for the future.


  1. I agree with you that some pages get so covered with bits and bobs. I do like your clear pages. The photo is enhanced by the backgrounds you have added, not swamped. I think they have a look of your postcards especially the 2nd one, perhaps its the strips on the background.

  2. This is seriously exciting, Annie. Minimalist scrapbooking!!! I have to add this to my must-do list. One page a day, a photo and a little but beautiful artistic decoration. (Realism check - maybe one page a week?) I didn't know it before now, but I see completely what you mean about scrap-booking clutter (although a few people do manage to do it nicely).
    So nice to see you with your family and friends, you look terrific.
    I want to go to Paradise Point wearing Jackie's new shoes.

  3. My first thought was... " you scrapbook?" And it seems just like you heard me!! Lol love that you do it all! I used to have an 8.5x11 one I played in, but I don't seem to have the time any more... And I don't take as many scrap worthy pics... (Unless I scrap a million of my cats and dog lol....) Anyhow lots of great pages, your daughters shoe one made me giggle with your "some people will scrap anything.".... I have contemplated starting again off and on ( even bought some of the project life style pages/cards ... Basically fast scrapping but didn't make it far . lol)

  4. Oh my, you scrapbook, too! I love your pages--each one tells a story and you don't get lost in too many details. How much fun to scrapbook with your daughter. A wonderful way to share memories!

  5. See now this just proves how multi talented you are Annie, I LOVE these and you're sooooo right about those pages with too much on them as it covers the beauty of the photos. You are my arty hero ;)
    Donna xx

  6. Love your pages, I often wish I could get back into it! Your minimalistic approach is refreshing and really showcases the important thing...the photo!

  7. I'm so happy that you shared your scrapbooking pages. I recently went through ALL my boxes of photos (going way back to my childhood). I don't intend to put them all in scrapbooks but I remember that my MIL had photo albums on the coffee table and everyone enjoyed looking at them. I bought some paper and scrap books and stopped cold; where to start was overwhelming. I like your idea of keeping it about the photos. That makes getting started much less intimidating. I love your pages; keep on sharing (everything) you are so inspirational.
    PS.I hope you enjoy your rally.

  8. Thanks for sharing your scrapbooking pages, I've been looking for some new inspiration. Like you, I feel the pages should be about the photos and not about how much "stuff" I can squeeze on.

  9. I am not surprised at all that you Scrapbook nor that you have your very own special style. I adore how you let the photo be the true focal feature...after all that is the real purpose of scrapbooking...isn't it? I really like seeing your photo and you are adorable. Your smile says you really love life and you enjoy it to the fullest. Embracing Creative Bliss...

  10. I tried my hand at scrapbooking, but gave up when I realized I had way too many pokers in the fire. You're so creative with paper and I like the less doodad's look, too. Sweet pages!

  11. Your scrapbooking is like my art journaling -- a combination of diary and art. I love your scrapbook pages. They're so much more meaningful than a photograph album or a diary, but a delightful combination of the two.
    By the way, thanks for your very kind comments on my work. I appreciate your stopping by!

  12. Your pages are wonderful. I burned out about 10 years ago and have not returned. Maybe one of these days I will get back to it. I love the minimalistic approach. genie

  13. I love your scrapbooking....I would love to do that but not sure I could stick with it.

  14. Beautiful pages, Annie. Awesome use of color on the tennis shoe layout, especially! I can appreciate the artsy "more is more" style too, but it's not very practical for pages that you plan to put into an album. CAS designs like yours highlight the photos and still preserve the memory, so I'm all for them!

  15. Don't know how I missed this posting but so glad I found it. Love your take on scrapbooking less is more. All of the examples you show are great but I love the one of you and your friend.

  16. As I grow and see more and more on line - I agree with you -- I am not fuzzy wazze art journal page fan. I want something I can sink my teeth into. I like plain ole steak and potatoes - now fancy dancy casseroles with God what knows in it!!
    I enjoyed this post Annie!
    sandy xx

  17. Love the simplicity of your journal pages...not overdone but done perfectly.

  18. I used to scrapbook but I got behind and along came digital and now I use Smugmug to store all my photos and to share from. But I'm even a little behind there in uploading.
    Plus I tend to take to many pictures and could never decide which ones to to scrapbook and would want to use them all if they were any good. ho hum.

    Those are some snazzy tennies. Well worth scrapbooking. LOL


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