Thursday, December 1, 2016

November 2016 Calendar Journal

For November I played around with some lettering practice with a single word each day.

This style lettering is easy when the brush tip of the pen is new and stiffest.  Once you letter with it for a short while, the tip gets softer and I find it is harder to make nice looking letters.

No surprise here, I'm getting bored with covering the "notes" section and the blocks with the blank blocks at the beginning and ending of the month.  Why won't someone who loves doing that create these calendars as blanks for me to buy?!!!

I probably should have a little Tequila with that whine.

Happy Day!


  1. I soooooooo wish I could write like an angel like you Annie, you have the loveliest handwriting in the whole world......that's official :)
    Donna xx

  2. I'm another one who wishes I could have your lovely handwriting. Where's the tequila? I want salt on the rim! The whine? I've plenty. :)

  3. Your calendar is as inspirational as always. Your handwriting is amazing, I so wish I could do that!

  4. Your calendars are always a work of art - you know that I am dazzled by them!
    Sandy xx

  5. Haha! I'll join the chorus - lovely handwriting! You rock these calendars!

  6. Writing a large key-word is a good idea and I like all the colour in the boxes.
    Yes, one day I will keep a diary like this one, a great memory keeper.

  7. my hand writing is horrible...... you last comment made me laugh

  8. Your hand writing is beautiful. I wish I could do something like that. I think I'll just join you in the wine. ;0)

  9. All your good ideas and creativity have inspired me to start a calendar journal. I didn't find a calendar in July so I am starting in January. I decided to practice this month and so far my entries have been rather lame. I will be watching your blog for good ideas,

  10. very interesting page. Your writing is very artistic. Your calendar pages look so organised

  11. I am so far behind iin visiting. I love your lettering! In fact I LOVE everything you create!! It is good practice to whine every once in a while.


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