Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Color Burst+ Card

This is one of those art pieces that I look at and say to myself...I made this?

Yes I did, but I sure worked it to death to arrive here with this water paints background.

I started with the Color Burst Powders.  This time I put some powder on my little pallet adding water as desired.  That's funny because I sure don't know what I desire.  Then went on to fix areas that seemed to need something more.

Like that bottom section there.  I wasn't getting anywhere with more color burst. I learned later that you can't keep working a piece in a continually wet stage.  Watercolors don't work that way. 

Then I tried adding some fix with my Tombow markers.  Anyway, it seemed to reach an acceptable point, so I convinced myself to stop...while I was still ahead.  I ended up with that blotchy section.  I decided I could work with that by covering part of it with the butterfly I planned to add.

I embossed the illegible writing with white embossing powder.  Yes, I actually do use my black pigment ink when I want white embossing.  I love how sometimes a hint of black shows here and there under the white embossing.

Then came the butterfly painted with Color Bursts and body painted with the Tombow.

Carefully cut out.  I have yet to find a better pair of detail cutting scissors than these 4" ginghers. 

I have previously struggled to get my design piece centered on my base card.  I finally figured out a sure-fire way to solve that little detail problem.  I add the Scor-Tape to the back of my design. 

Then clamp the design to one end centered on my card base.

I remove the paper backing from the tape at the bottom of the design and also peel back some tape paper on either side leaving the started ends sticking out. 

Stick that bottom down to the card base.  That now will hold the design in place while I remove the clamps and tape paper from the remaining three sides and stick the remainder of the design to the card base. 

"Hello" is cut using a die.

The word and the butterfly are then glued atop the watercolor design.  That butterfly covering a portion of that blotch has made that blotch blend happily.

I only glued down the center of the butterfly so that his wings could flutter.

It was quite difficult to let this one-hit-wonder watercolor go off out of my sight.  But it now resides with a very worthy artist friend whom I knew would appreciate my struggles with it.  And I have my photos to look at.

A matching envelope was really beyond my capabilities.  But I needed something a bit more than the address scribbled to the envelope.  What fun would that be.  It, of course, didn't work so well as it was only a laser quality copy paper.  I used Neocolors for the color puddles.  I still think it turned out fun. So now I've invested in some Mixed Media paper large enough to make envelopes with.  For future watercolor use.

I might have been somewhat frustrated with this, but it was actually more enjoyable than not.  I always seem to wait for the other shoe to drop at the end and mess everything up.  I'm happy that other shoe did not drop with this card.  Sheila, it's more than rewarding that you love it.  Thank you! 


  1. This is a really great technique blogpost, Annie. There are at least four things I didn't know about.
    Using the Color Bursts in your palette, like watercolours, then fixing with Tombows. I love the third photo with the colours and the supplies. Love the mixtures of the blues and greens.
    Stamping in black and embossing in white - wow! - never done embossing either, but gosh, does it look good.
    You cut out the butterfly - with scissors? I assumed that it was a punched out butterfly made with one of the fancy die-cutting machines. That is fantastic precise cutting with the magic scissors.
    How to centre the design on to the card. Well is that cool or what, that's a great idea, and thanks for the detailed photos.
    This card is even more beautiful in Real Life. I'm going to frame it and keep it for ever.

  2. The end result is gorgeous! Thanks for including the steps in how you made it. And great recovery from the blotchy spot.

  3. OH MY GIDDY AUNT!! You've created a masterpiece Annie, you did it girl!! This is fit to put on the wall of a gallery, no kidding
    Donna xx

  4. Oh my word! This is beautiful!!!!!!! So freaking pretty! (I had/am having one of those "I made this?!" Moments with a current project ...a fabric one! And you may remember I can't cut or sew a straight line.... I may have to put it on my blog when finished... (it will be a gift for one of my brothers... I may also just post it on fb. But will say it's for a friend so he doesn't know...lol) I'm so excited to show you and one other friend who tried getting me to sew for years....

  5. Oh, my, so much work and so much creativity. The end result is beautiful! You are a true artist!

  6. That is beautiful Annie! I love everything about it.

  7. I don't think there is anything beyond your capabilities and the envelope idea is wonderful. I keep saying that I am going to learn to make an envelope - I keep saying!
    Sandy xx

  8. Oh - I did not tell you just how much I love your card - I love it!!
    shame on me ...
    Sandy xx

  9. Absolutely beautiful card Annie!!! This is my favorite card of yours.
    A lovely design with a fabulous background.
    Hugs, Mar

  10. This is so beautiful!!! I love it. Have you ever tried that Unicorn Spit?

  11. You continue to amaze me with your beautiful designs. Thank you so much for sharing your designs and your techniques.

  12. beautiful card..love the colour blends and interesting tip about the black ink with the white eb...gonna try that.

  13. wau wau wau , lOve this. it looks awsome like a green little Island. fab work.

  14. You've become a Color Burst master! I love the blending of the greens and blues and the way the white text stands out, and so surprising that the white embossing is over black ink. Another frame-worthy card!

  15. This is absolutely gorgeous!! wow <3

  16. I am swooning over this card with the gorgeous greens and blues and butterfly. Just reading your technique is amazing and how you pulled this together. I would have had a puddle of muddy yuck. I absolutely love how you keep going until you reach perfection. Lovely Sweet Annie...<3


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