Thursday, January 16, 2020

Pen & Inks

I am newly obsessed with a ...

I mean hopelessly obsessed.

I’ll let the pen and inks do the talking.

The pen is so pretty!

I know that eventually I will figure out a way to break my beautiful pen so I better get a backup soon.  I think glass dip pens are going to be my new thing to collect.

The pen and some inks are a Christmas gift.  I don’t know how or why they thought of it as a gift for me, but I’m over the moon with it all.

I can’t seem to think of enough things to write or people to write to.  Life has become so electronic.  So, thinking about writing (I always have lists going) but I leave them behind....a lot!  I also don’t carry a big purse anymore.  A small snap wallet tucked into my pocket is perfect.

I see that could use a good washing!

Sometimes I just think of one thing that I hope when I’m in a store that I remember I want it.  Yeah, doesn’t happen.  So I cut 2 pieces of mixed media paper and a piece of scrapbook paper to make a tiny book to write those “one things” in.  

Then when I’m at the store I can pull it out.  See what it is that I think I want to remember to get.

It fits right into my little snap wallet.  Perfect!

I wonder what took me so long to think of that!

Here is my December calendar journal.

Just above December I tested to see how the pen inks would write on my journal pages.  I’m happy they take beautifully.  January is already started but I’m figuring how to use the dip pen and inks for February.

Write to someone.
Everybody loves personal snail mail.


  1. Yay for a pen that is beautiful in its own right and for the beautiful inks that show that they work perfectly together! I actually have a glass dip pen, but I never mastered the glass one or the others I've tried, so it is lovely to see what can happen. Congratulations on your best message for 150 Years of Postcards, Annie! Love the December calendar, too. :)

  2. I agree everyone loves snail mail!! If only I would remember to send more. I don't see any end to your list of talents. Way to go.

  3. Wasn't that the perfect gift for you? I love your hand writing.

  4. These inks are pretty amazing. Just looking at the ink coloured bottles is a delight. I have no idea how you can write with this glass pen, and write so exquisitely too.
    That's funny, I have a wallet just like that................just checked and mine is still in my bag, that's a relief. 😉
    I rather like your pretty little notebook too, and it fits in the wallet, how clever is that. Loved reading your happy calendar entries too.
    You are so right about writing a snail mail letter. Must do that, everyone loves a snailly letter, yes.

  5. Beautiful pen! I know you'll enjoy using it and I always enjoy reading your calendar, so inspiring.

  6. Check out all those beautiful colors to go with that beautiful Pen! You know you are totally making me want one! (And I don't need any more fun hobbies or things.) I have a feeling that will be added soon... Good idea with your mini book to go in your super cute snap wallet. And of course you know I love your calendar journaling. This month is no exception. :)

  7. What a fun post to read. Your glass pen and inks look amazing and your handwriting is beautiful.
    I love your little snap wallet and the tiny book. What a good idea for remembering that "one thing". I don't know why I always think I am going to remember; sometimes I even forget the item I went to the store for in he first place.
    I always like seeing your calendar pages and I especially like this one with the hexagons. It looks like you have written something about the weeks in the rows between the hexagon rows.

  8. Those inks and pen are beautiful! The colors are so vibrant! Can't wait to see all the pretty things you will do with them!

  9. I didn't even know there was such a pen. It is beautiful as is your handwriting. I still send cards by snail mail, but everything else is on computer because I want people to be able to read it. My handwriting is terrible! Love that snap wallet.

  10. I'm so not gifted with the talent you have for writing or making cards, but those glass ink pens make me want to take on a new challenge. Your handwriting is amazing!


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