Monday, November 23, 2020

Prim Needles

Before Fall/Autumn gets away from me, I stitched this Prim Needles design.  I love “pin here if you dare”. It is stitched on 32 count evenweave linen.

I loved how the sample in the picture showed it stitched on a printed fabric.  I went in search of some of that cloth.  WOW is that expensive!  So I went to my craft space and printed my own.

The design is by The Primitive Hare.

I might do more of that in the future.

I began stitching.  Of course, as usual, I didn’t know how I wanted to finish it.

And I still don’t know. In the meantime while I ponder this it hangs on my small portable design wall next to my sewing machine.  There will not be any of that business of putting it away in a drawer for ....ever?

More of the days-gone-by, primitive look that I love.  This is the last cross stitch from me for a long time now.  My next project will be a 25” x 25” piece containing 122,400 cross stitches.  25 pages of chart.

I’ve never tackled such a daunting project before.  Good luck to me to get it done.

In between I have a Christmas quilt in the making that I might actually finish before Christmas arrives.

As we all make the best of the holidays during this COVID-19 pandemic, (who could have guessed it would go on like this?!).....



  1. Your custom printed fabric! Such a good idea. The pumpkin is a delight of tiny stitches and belongs on permanent display--good for you for making sure it isn't shut a way in a drawer. Looking forward to your Christmas quilt, Annie! Will it be a gift, or a treasure for you?

    Happy Thanksgiving! This will be a quiet for us, and I don't even plan to cook any traditional items. We are last minute trying to think of a 2020 way to celebrate the uniqueness of this year, which honestly, has had some favorable aspects in appreciation of so many things we took for granted. We may end up with soup and sandwiches and take them for trip to the country for an outdoor celebration. :)

  2. You're incredible. That print is so cool. You're a real artist.

  3. I love your little cross stitch pumpkin with your printed background. Your stitching looks very good especially considering the 32 count linen. Your stamping skill really make so many of your your projects special. My guess is that you have a large inventory of stamps and inks.
    I am impressed by the next cross stitch project and that large number of threads. I am sure it will be another awesome piece.

  4. Printing grunge letters on fabric before cross-stitching is the ultimate in arty cross stitching. That is a fantastic stamp. What an unusual cross stitch, it comes from another world of cross stitch patterns. I do like the little pumpkin (?) (I'm pretty sure it's not a pumpkin but what else could it be?). I never understand the pin cushions you can buy which are in the shape of a cute animal, does anyone stick pins in these?
    25 pages of a cross stitch pattern and 122,400 cross stitches? Eek squared.

  5. That is a great way to get the look of fabric that you wanted - I love that stamp! Love the finished cross stitch too and good luck with the new one. xx

  6. What lovely work you do. Wishing you and yours a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.
    Marilyn and Family

  7. I want to let you know how much I enjoy your posts and creative projects, I hope you keep it up. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. You are one of many that you printed your own and love our pumpkin....

  9. Okay I know I have been super behind on everything. I've had no Mojo. But catching up on your blog and this is awesome. You really have up to your patience game with cross stitch now!!! Lol


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