Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A New Halloween Quilt


I can't wait to make another Halloween quilt!  I really want to try one of those jelly roll quilts...or at least a variation of one.  Especially after seeing them in this blog post.
I haven't really seen a jelly roll of Halloween fabrics that catches my fancy, so I've decided to make one up for myself.  I have 12 fabrics strips ready to go.
And when I get back to my stash in Wisconsin, I'm sure I won't have any trouble coming up with the other 30 fabric strips needed to make the quilt.  The sad news?...that won't happen until next Spring/Summer! least I hope it happens by then...oh, woes me...!

Thanks for stopping by.  Any and all sympathy is appreciated!


  1. I have a whole mess of sympathy! I wish you were there (here) NOW....Halloween stash or not!

  2. I saw one similar yesterday at my quilt shop, only they butted the ends rather than joining them like you do for binding and I liked it much better. It looked even funkier!


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