Friday, October 14, 2011

You Are My Inspiration!

You are SO much my inspiration, that I've moved you to the top of my blog.  Actually, I saw you all (and many, many more) on another blog and loved seeing you there.  So I rushed right over here to put you there on mine as well.  But now I can't remember where I saw this.  It's the first time I saw followers at the top and I just felt that's right where you should be because most of the time you are the ones who inspire me ... on your blogs and on flickr.

I gave you a title, "Let's follow each other and be Inspired" but that part hasn't shown up.  I wonder why.  Well, yet anyway.

Thank you all for inspiration and thanks for your visits!


  1. Well, if you'd get sewin' and make something else instead of moving us around, you could be more of my inspiration so GET GOING!! LOL

  2. Great idea, Annie! Its like you're honoring those who follow your blog and I think that's really sweet!

  3. and you are my inspiration....thank you...

  4. Annie I saw the same thing but couldn't figure out how to get in place.... So you've inspired me to figure it out :) thank you!! Happy hugs!


Who doesn't love comments and inspiration?!