Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rubber Stamping Laundry Test

I've done a Rubber Stamping
Laundry Test

I've stamped with rubber stamps on fabric for some of my small projects.  I've used StazOn ink for this technique even though it states on the ink pad that it is NOT for fabric.  It is a permanent ink and has not washed out or run when I have dampened it (usually to remove the purple air soluble ink quickly). 

The projects I have stamped on have not been ones that will ever be washed (fabric postcards) and ones that would seldom, if ever, be washed (wall hangings).  Because I've been questioned about the permanency of the ink on fabric and during laundering, I've stamped a test piece of muslin and laundered it 6 times.

This piece is my original stamping.

This piece is after the 1st washing in a regular heavy duty laundering.

This piece is after the 6th washing in regular heavy duty laundering and about three times with a good dose of stain remover added to the load.

It definitely has faded some.  Mostly with the first wash.  There isn't much noticeable difference from the first wash to the 6th wash.
I know that it's rather difficult to photograph all these tests on different days with a variety of lighting although I placed them always in the same place and used an on camera flash.  The facts are still visible in the stamping in any case.

For the projects that I use this technique on, I'm completely satisfied with the results that this ink is waterproof on fabric.  I wanted to know that when I mailed my fabric postcards and they got wet from rain, or what have you, that the ink wouldn't run. 

I will say that I have heard that VersaMark Ink is better on fabric.  I don't know that this is true, and I was hoping to have been able to get a pad of this ink to test it with the StazOn, but I have not found it locally yet.  However, I will find it and I will test it.

In the meantime, for me, StazOn ink works perfectly for my purposes.

Still happily stamping along,


  1. Thanks for the info. I haven't tried stamping on fabric yet but I just might at some point and always want to use the best products available.

  2. that's a GREAT test.... I have lots of rubber stamps and I got one stamp pad (I think stazOn) haven't even gotten them out of the box, how about stamping AND markers or those paint sticks?(I bought some of those paint sticks at the same time as the ink)
    I LOVE the CUP and the BLOG address, GREAT idea, I may totally steal the stamping idea and try it....

  3. Thanks for the test. I bought some stamps and inks and cleaner last week, but took them back two days later. Figured I'd wait until I had a more deals in the $1 bin, I'm afraid!

  4. Thanks for the test information! When I saw it done on the Ghastlie piece you did, I ran out and bought some StazOn ink. I haven't tried it,yet,but I will.

  5. When I first saw you post I ran out and got me some stamps and ink. I tested the ink to see if it was permanent and it pretty much is, I did not even heat set it and it stayed in. Thanks so much for this fun idea!!

  6. Thanks so much for this info :) Can't wait to try it! Did you heat set the ink and what temp water did you use? Thank again for doing the testing and sharing the results!

  7. I love making fabric postcards! Your sample photo is marvelous, puts mine to shame. Thanks for the test and information!

  8. Thank you for the information. I am going to have to try this sometime

  9. appreciating the time you took to get this information to us. Thank you Annie!

  10. Annie. thanks sew much for this...I am reminded I placed an order for stamps shortly after your post and I still don't have find out where they are and order some ink pads that you used...great post and thank are a wealth of inspiration

  11. Thanks, Annie, for the test results!
    Now I know that those projects where I've used StazOn ink will be safe from water.
    I love checking in on your Blog!

  12. Thanks for your inquiries :) My ink and stamps arrived (although I did not get as cute stamps as yours ;) ) and I am going to stamp a lot this Christmas ;)


  13. Hi Annie!

    Thank you sew much for your nice and motivating comments!

    You made my day!


  14. Wow.Gracias ..Very nice and artistic thought that you share with us thanks for sharing ....

  15. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)

  16. Awesome!! OK, stalking the Michael's coupons...LOL


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