Saturday, September 1, 2012

a Thank You Note   
I usually start a project, large or small, with either a finished visual idea in my noggin or I start with just a beginning idea.  But never with anything set in stone, because I just never know how it will progress from my original idea.  Such was this project.
I received this thank you note from Caroll, West Michigan Quilter , after sending her a fabric postcard.

Blossoms and Buds by Cheri Blum
I think it's a pretty still life picture.  I copied this card to fabric at a postcard size.
I had some flowers of my own to put into the bottles, then I highlighted the flower centers, the stems and glass jars with thread.
The flowers are from Lisa's Altered Art 
While I stitched away on this postcard, I contemplated whether I would send this altered Cheri Blum back to Caroll or make it a new offering to my followers.  I don't know why, but when I finished stitching, this little piece of altered art didn't have a postcard personality.  It took on a doorknob quilt personality. 
What I learned while playing with this piece...  those printed flower inchies from Lisa's Altered Art didn't come out quite as bright as I would like them to have, so I wondered "what would happen if" I colored them a bit with my Prismacolor colored pencils.
It did the trick, brightened them right up.  These pencils colored on the Magic Fabric so nicely.
I'm sure these pencils will not be washable.  If I wash this little quilt and if the pencil washes out, I don't really care.  I can color them again or not. 
I think this little quilt has an old antiquish look with modern flowers bringing it into the twenty-first century rather than out to the yard sale table.  I like it. 
I love how these little doorknob quilts can add a bit of life to an ordinary setting.
Keep an eye out for inspiration...


  1. This turned out beautiful, using the pencils was a great idea. Your blog is always a wonderful inspiration!

  2. Pretty darned awesome, as usual :-)

  3. This is a beautiful quilt! The idea of doorknob quilts is fabulous.
    I have sewn a quilt for a friend as a birthday present. And I already agonized my head about the hanging. NOW I have the solution!!! Thanks!
    Greetings, Sabine

  4. That also would look nice as a little quilt hanging in my kitchen (hint-hint)! Love the addition of the buttons........gee, I wonder why???

  5. Oh, you are so clever. I love the way you have framed this with the narrow blue stripe, the white/ivory/cream then the light stripe. I like the hanging mechanism too. And the flowers and vases. So much inspiration in one blog post.

  6. That turned out just perfect! I like how you try different things and make them come out just right!

  7. I love it Annie! So cool that you got your inspiration from a card and then turned it into a doorknob quilt. I'm waiting to see pictures of your fabric book now!

  8. Great job, Annie~ as usual, you have done it again!

    Inspiration can be found anywhere, eh?

    And the hand stitching just tops it off!

  9. Again, you amaze me! It's pretty darn fabulous!!!

  10. I love your little door knob quilt. All of your small pieces are inspiring. Your bottles are just perfect; did you use your colored pencils to shade and shape them?

  11. Awesome! I love this doorknob quilt. As usual, you amaze me. Who would have thought that little card would have inspired such a lovely quilt. You are a real artist and an inspiration. I know I couldn't do a piece of art like this, but I love the idea of hanging it on a doorknob. The way you've framed the picture, added embellishments, and deepened the colors with the pencils, make this perfect! I love it!

  12. Aw, Annie, what can I say that the others have not already said? That is just stunning. I've just been staring at it -- so beautiful!

  13. Another great idea. I love this, as a postcard or a piece of door art.

  14. I will take the door knob quilt instead of a is a sacrifice, but I will make it work :D

  15. Annie, That is really a beautiful piece of doorknob art--I love it! You are so creative. :O)

  16. That's amazing! Kid, you've got a bundle of talent and I'm going to be thanking Caroll for telling me where to go this morning. I teleported in from her blog!
    I'm a new follower and have been drooling over your wonderous blog.
    I can see I'll be spending alot of time here.
    Love the cards =)

  17. The inspiration was great and your take on it is simply amazing.

  18. So pretty and elegant!! I know your doorknob is happy now!


  19. You can turn anything into a wonderful project. I love the idea of the door hanger. It is beautiful.


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