Friday, October 26, 2012

Spam Bloggers
-----  what a sad, sad life  -----
When I first began blogging a bit over a year ago, the spammers didn't know I existed.  What a wonderful time of blogging life, eh?  Well, "anonymous" has found me and apparently we are new best friends.  Anonymous leaves comments on my blog several times a day now.
That's ok, I don't mind.  I know right where the delete button is.  And I commend Blogger on a job well done.  Those spam comments never actually post to my blog comments. 
I'm not going to turn on word verification to deter them either.  That would be annoying to you.  And it's so, so simple to just go into my comments and clean out the spam and even easier in my email to just click delete on messages from my new best friend "anonymous".  This does not make my life miserable.  I see no good reason to make your life miserable with word verification. 
Blogger, keep up the good work against spam bloggers!
Some very lovely blogging friends have expressed concern in my less frequent posts.  Well, I've been busy with other than the pleasantries of stitching.  Please make note that this is not by choice. 
Sewing time is drastically limited these days and when I do get time, it's been consisting of small postcard projects...that will have been noticed I'm sure.  Good thing for me I LOVE making those dang things!  Thank you for missing me.  More sewing time will come and I will be ready for it!
I have been working at a snail's pace on something a little different.  Actually a lot different for me.  I'll be back soon...