Tuesday, November 13, 2012

*** BIRDS ***
--------------- they're everywhere! ---------------
or at least, they will be

My favorite magazine in the world arrived with a cute birdie on the cover...

...but the instructions to make them were way too much trouble for me.  So I re-invented a process that suited my lazy style

Instead of carving a linoleum and printing it on some kind of
 fancy paper I have no clue about, I used printed scrapbook papers (a cardstock weight) and did a little greeting card recycling as well for my papers of choice.   

I don't make for a happy hand stitcher so I used a machine blanket stitch to hold them together.

They of course started out like those in the magazine...

...but soon I decided they needed tail feathers.

They also soon lost their button eyes for sequin and glass bead eyes...ahh...shiny!

...shake your tail feathers!...

I'm trying to get their wings to stick out a bit by gently curling them without creasing the paper.

These stuffed paper birdies have been awfully fun for me to make.  I'm not sure yet whether you'll find them hanging all over the house or hanging all together on a cord.  Or both! 

I started thinking I needed some Christmas birdies for the holidays, but they might not happen.

Take creative flight!