Sunday, November 18, 2012

Round Robin Quilt

Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin
quilts have returned to their beginnings.
My starter block went out last March like this...
...and has returned to me like this.
This is the first time I've ever participated in a round robin.  It was quite fun to get someone's quilt in the mail each month and see how it was progressing and a mystery to what the next person would add to it. 
When I had possession of a few of these little quilts for my border addition, I must admit that I wanted to keep them!  It was awesome to see a few inspiring borders up close and personal. 
The sheet I sent with my block for participants to sign along the way did not make it back with my quilt, so I've no clue who added which borders (except for the first and last borders).  So, please let me know which border you added if you were in my group.  Thank you!
Sadly, the quilt I had last has not yet arrived back to Samm.  It's been traveling now for 3-1/2 weeks!...yet cannot seem to find it's way.  This is very disappointing to me, as it must also be for her.  I've never had mail go lost before and she tells me she's never not had mail arrive.  We don't want to break these perfect records, so we're staying hopeful!
Thanks, Michele (at quiltsfrommycrayonbox  ) for all your diligent work and tracking for this round robin.  You've done a fabulous job!