Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pillow #8

Moda Candy Bar
A very sweet online friend, Rachel, was overly thankful and sent me some awesome Moda Candy Bar packs as well as a few fat quarters.  I finally decided to break into the Breakfast at Tiffany's pack for a pillow.

These candy bar pieces are half the size of a charm square.  I have struggled with a design and an Internet search did not help.  So I just made it up and added some white.

It definitely needed some added interest, so I decided to begin the quilting with a glitzy metallic thread.  Too heavy for the machine needle, so it would have to be done as bobbin work.
I pin basted from the back side of the pillow top, did my best to find the center and marked it.
I set my circular guide attachment on my machine, starting with the smallest available circle point...
...poked my circular guide nail through my center marking...
...placed the little protective rubber thingy over the very sharp nail...
...and began sewing the circles.
I think it still needed more quilting, so I began a continuous spiral with regular thread from the top side.
And that is how pillow #8 rolled.
I ended up a tad large for the pillow, so I lost the narrow teal strips at the far edges.  I'm ok with that...sorta.
Rachel, THANK YOU!