Sunday, May 4, 2014

Note Pad Jacket

 I've had the best opportunity to decorate this cute notepad jacket.  Ingeborg (flickr) has made lots of these notebooks and invited me to swap art with her.  She sent me the orange painted base paper sheet and the notepad for inside.
When I got some new rubber stamps in the mail, I knew right away I wanted them on my new notepad.  So, a little bit of stamping, some washi tape (on the binding fold), a bit of purple ink, a length of Perle cotton, a brad and some evening play time and DONE!  So FUN! 
I don't know if I'll ever actually use it for notes, but I LOVE having it decorate my desk! 
Ingeborg's art package to me included this notepad she made for me.  (The colors are much more vivid in real)
I was thrilled!  And so excited to have the basic beginnings to make my own.  I think these pads are so awesome.  Being the recipient of one, I can say first hand it's a great little gift idea.
I love having both these pads to decorate my desk!  I think my post-it note pad needs a jacket too.  I also think the tri-fold with the cord wrap would make a great unique greeting card.  hmmm, I might try that next.  Oh, the joy of inspiration!