Sunday, May 25, 2014

Journaling 2014

My days of bits of pleasure and some rubber stamping art to decorate them.
And a little Washi Tape too.
Yep, I'm lovin' this journal.  I like the idea of keeping it all compact and tidy.  It's such a cool book design that is so easy and delightful to work in.
Have a happy day!


  1. Your writing is art in itself! Really love this,it's looks really satisfying to do. Thanks also Annie for the lovely comment on my blog,it made me smile.


  2. Up until a few years ago I had journaled my whole life...this makes me want to get back into it. I love the compact way you write and date things!

  3. Tidy -- that is an excellent word to use to describe you - and I sure do love tidy. So you really like writing a life book. If I could print like you I would too!! Fabulous pages Annie! See - everybody likes the way you write!!
    Sandy xx

  4. I love how everythingin your journal is so neat and tidy, but still so creative and artistic. Your post it covers are amazing!

  5. Agreed that this one is all nice and compact, but some of your older ones have been knockouts too as far as I'm concerned. Always fun to see whats next in store for us.

  6. Your use of various forms of art are wonderful individually and combined.
    Great posting.

  7. I love the layout of your journal. I, too, am fascinated by the style of your writing. It's easy to read and a pleasure to look at. ( wish i was going to Hobby Lobby.....)

  8. Another lovely page! Annie, you have a great artistic eye no matter which format your journal takes!

  9. This journal you are writing is very easy to read and track. The date with pertinent information and some fun artsy added for good measure...Creative Journal Bliss!


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