Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pinwheel Quilt the 2nd

This is the pinwheel quilt that almost wasn't.
98 pinwheels later and it's a quilt.
(Yes, Sheila, I miscounted)
The reason it almost wasn't is because the 98 pinwheels would have had to have been sewn together by way of improve.  That would have taken me forever and NEVER would have gotten done. 
So I had to decide on a more structured layout.  I had too many pinwheels already made and didn't want them laying around to remind me of a failed idea.

I worked at this quilt diligently until it was finished because I didn't really want to make it after the layout disappointment.  I knew if I stopped it would become a UFO.  I don't want quilt UFOs.

Quilting this quilt was quite the challenge.  The 3 second rate purple air soluble markers I bought would make two or three lines across the quilt then spit purple ink blobs on it !!!! When I finally gave in and bought the Dritz brand..... 

all was well and quilting went like a breeze.
You can't even imagine how happy I was when the binding was on and the quilt was done.
 I think I've satisfied my pinwheel making desire for awhile now.
This pinwheel quilt was made with the same fabric collection as I made this Fractured quilt.
It fascinates me how different they look.
And now I've HAPPILY moved on to a quilt that's looking exactly how I hoped it would.


  1. Love it! What a total difference between the two quilts! You know while I love pinwheels, and adore them in quilts, whenever I make them I ask myself 'why!?'...those points can be a challenge :)

  2. 98 pinwheels! They all look absolutely fabulous on the white and I am so impressed with this original layout, the balance of colours and your quilting.
    I think this must have taken a lot of dedication and hard work to design and make, so I am not surprised that finishing the binding was a happy event.

  3. many pinwheels! It looks great!

  4. Wow! I love it! It is hard to make a quilt work with different size blocks. But you sure did it! Good for you for not giving up. Me, it would have gone into the UFO pile. I love the quilting. It looks soft and cozy. What kind of batting did you use?

  5. Love it Annie! Pinwheel quilts are so fun and yours is colorful too.

  6. This quilt is beautiful. I'm glad you hung in there and didn't let in languish. BTW....I'm planning on stealing your design layout from this. Just want you to know.

  7. I love your alternate design. The outcome is wonderful. Congrats on the finish.

  8. Oh WOW,your patience and skill level are out of this world Annie!!! It's stunning,you are such a clever and talented favourite sewing machine wielding lady :))

    You never cease to amaze me with your range of skills,you are a wonderful crafty crafter :))

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  9. This quilt is stunning! It is hard to believe it wasn't planned out from the start. The colors are beautiful.

  10. Annie, Very nice quilt! I like your layout and I really like the quilting. I can relate to not wanting to quilt UFO's.
    Ps. I love those little wallets too from your last post.

  11. Wow, girl, you've been a sewing whiz lately! Good for you! This one is another beauty and has a totally different look from the first. I'm really digging the pinwheels with the white… fresh and clean looking. Can't wait to see what's next!

  12. I love both your quilts and can't get over how different they look. I've always liked the various size pinwheels. Love how you quilted it too. Stunning!

  13. I love both of your quilts! I have a layer cake of that very fabric who's fate is still undecided! You've given me much to think about!

  14. I LOVE your pinwheel quilt! It's pure pinwheel bliss....and your layout and quilting is just perfect!


  15. Hey Annie! Every time you have a new quilt on your blog, I gasp because the are all so special. Your new pinwheel quilt is gorgeous! I am so happy that you stuck with it!
    Sandy xx

  16. Wow! Wow! Wow!! this is awesome!!! (as is the 1st one too! You are so freaking talented! I'm glad you didn't give up and went ahead and made it!!

  17. Annie it is truly amazing how the same fabrics can be two very different layouts and quilts. Both are beautiful. How proud you must be to have finished them both. Creative Quilting Bliss...

  18. Such a clever layout. The pinwheel quilt looks beautiful, and very different from its sibling. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  19. I love your pinwheels. I'm working on a pinwheel baby quilt but can't post it yet. Happy quilting!!

  20. This is a great reminder that the end doesn't necessarily have to match the vision that sparked a quilt - this is great! I love pinwheels and the beautiful brights that you've used.


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