Sunday, October 19, 2014

Skeleton Mail Art and Tutorial

Two mail art envelopes.  One addressed to each of a couple. 
I saw this idea on flickr, here, as postcards.  But I wanted envelopes, and here is how I did this.
I first stamped my skeleton head on paper.  I then put the stamped paper in my copier and enlarged the image to the size I wanted for the two envelopes.
The image copied beautifully.  The crinkle in the paper is because I retrieved the paper from the trash when I decided to make a tutorial of my process.

I then taped, with blue painters tape, my envelopes side by side over the top of the enlarged imaged so that the image will print on the envelope where I want them.
  I then inserted the envelope sheet into my copier paper tray and photocopied the image onto the envelopes.

The darkness at the bottom is shadow while taking the photos.
I removed the tape and proceeded to color with ink the design.  I stamped Happy Halloween on tracing paper and cut out the letters in blocks.  They are spray glued to the envelopes.
I added a stamped cat image on one envelope and bats on the other.  I also stamped the verse.

The envelopes were addressed and postage added on the backsides.
I mailed the envelopes together but later hoped they would arrive on different days just to add a bit of mystery.  They arrived together.
This was a fun little project.
Happy Haunting!


  1. Well, aren't you so clever! I NEVER in a million years would even think of doing that. I bet the recipient really got a kick out of those cool (and spooky) envelopes! I know I would have!

  2. Yes, brilliant and so beautifully made, perfectly made in fact. It was extremely interesting to read the steps on the way, all quite ingenious, there is often so much more to art than we think when we just look at the finished artwork.
    That's a bad, bad cat in the corner - or maybe it's just pretending for Halloween.

  3. OH! What a great & clever idea. I really like the way these came out.

  4. Wonderfully creative mind you have. Such a great idea from start to finish. I like seeing the steps involved. Where would we be with out our copiers.

  5. Annie rocks the Halloween vibe!! Well you are a smart girl,wouldn't think of this in a million years but that's why you are a star crafter and I'm not :)). Wonderfully creepy,lucky recipients too :)

    Extra big spooky hugs
    Donna xxx

  6. Oh wow...these envelopes are amazing! What a great idea!

  7. How fun! Thanks for sharing how you did it! :)

  8. Now that is thinking outside the perverbial box. Very smart and clever. Love the envelopes you have created. Spooky Skull Bliss...

  9. Great idea - thanks for the tutorial!!

  10. Annie, Annie you smart young lady!
    I am so amazed - this makes for fantastic envelopes! You are a real cracker! I think that sounds like something my British friends would say!
    Sandy xx

  11. You are amazing and your artwork is so clever! Love this idea.


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