Sunday, November 9, 2014

BE - Envelope Mail Art

BE ..... 

Sometimes it takes several people and personalities to get todays mail delivered.

I've no clue why I described this envelope that way.  There was no story or hidden meaning behind the design.  I just wanted to take all of my smaller face stamps (that I had at the time) and stamp them on one envelope.  On my blotter pad I noticed that I had blobs of color mixed with stamping and that provided the inspiration to blot on various colors around each image.  When that was done, postage stamps with faces came to mind, so I added them to the crowd.  After that I came across a rubber stamp of all those words, stamped them on tracing paper, cut them apart and spay glued them to the envelope.

Happy Mail Day


  1. OMG…so much to look at and admire! I think I like this one the BEST yet!

  2. Whether you planned it or not, this is a great message. I love this card!

  3. Annie,you are super clever even when you don't plan something first! Loving this...all the mailmen must love you brightening up their day :)

    Extra big hugs
    Donna xxx

  4. You make it sound so easy and as if it sort of did itself. I don't think so.
    What a good and unusual idea to have all the faces together and then combine them with the words.
    It's beautifully put together and I am, as always, in admiration of your subtle colouring and stamping skills.

  5. What a great envelope to post - it will make everyone who handles it smile!!

  6. Love this! Amazing use of stamps and color.

  7. Wonderfully designed - I love your people envelope!
    Sandy xx

  8. BE! This is so very artistic and amazing and positive Annie. Your envelope art is stunning. I adore how you saw the potential in your blotter pad as it resulted in brilliance. Creative BE Bliss...

  9. I'm way behind, but this is freaking awesome!!! You have the best eye for this!!! I just love seeing all of your lovely art!!


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